The Door Saga : The End

We have an unexpected conclusion to the door saga! While the store manager and specialist manager assured us it would be handled, and we’d get the correct door installed ASAP….that’s not happening. Instead, without any notice, they refunded our entire order. LOL!

DH called and left a voicemail asking about it. The speciality manager called and basically said we’ve refunded your entire project, have a great day, goodbye. I love that they acted like we were difficult customers. I think we’ve been more than patient with the wait times, crappy communication, and all the screw ups.

I guess our basement door – a custom made item – is free. With another custom made door sitting in the basement. I mean, okay? Great to have my $2600 back, but really would have liked the door we’ve been waiting months for.

I just don’t understand this from a business point of view. Why forfeit the costs when you have the item needed in stock, at your store? Wouldn’t you just want to get it installed for the customer? LOL. Whatever, it’s done. Although we still need a door, so I guess we’re back to square one finding somewhere that does doors!

The Door Saga Continues

This entire ordeal is a joke. An expensive joke. Nearly five months to get doors installed. They finally show up, one isn’t correct. That was September 7th. DH let the sales guy know immediately, while the installers were still here, that one of the doors was wrong. His response was “we’ll get it fixed”. The installers left the wrong-size custom-made door in our basement.

September 11th, still no word from sales guy or store. DH sends an email requesting an update. September 16th we still hadn’t heard from anyone. At this point I took control. I was tired of the bs and DH being too passive about it. I want my damn door or a full refund! Nearly five months and $2600! I sent a very detailed email to the store manager, the sales guy, and another manager at that location. I outlined every step of this ordeal, all their screw ups, dates, times, names, all of it. I said I expected a reply within 24 hours.

To my surprise, Friday evening I received a phone call from the store manager. She was apologetic, says she didn’t understand what went wrong with our install, and she hasn’t been able to get any answers from the guy in charge of it either. He’s the one who sucked at communicating. She promised to get us taken care of, wanted us to come in, select a door, etc etc. Now we paid $1600 for this custom door that didn’t need to be custom made. A standard door is $200-$800. They owe us money back even if we do pick out another door, and I made sure to tell her that. She would be out all weekend, but told us she was giving us to Michelle, the store specialty manager, to handle our issues. We made an appointment to drive out there Sunday and meet with her.

This store is an hour from our home. Not a fun drive. We arrived, and went to check out doors first. Found what we want, and then decided we wanted a second door too. The cost of those two doors and install will still be cheaper than the one custom door we paid for. (We realized the bedroom door is not functioning properly a few weeks ago, it needs to be replaced.). We figured if they could get all of this scheduled, we’d be fine with that and the partial refund for the difference in pricing.

We go up to customer service and guess what. Michelle isn’t there. Neither is the store manager. Nor the sales guy. Not a single soul who could help us. I let out a way-too-loud laugh, because of course! OF COURSE!!! DH left our info with the customer service lady and we left. She said she would try to get ahold of her and call us. We ate dinner at Olive Garden nearby, hoping we’d hear back before heading home. We did not. And then I left my bag of leftovers on the table when we left and didn’t notice until we got home. I ate two bites of dinner, sigh. What a waste!

As DH pulls up in our driveway, the speciality manager calls to let us know she’s now at the store. Thanks so much. DH and her agreed he would email her the product information and what we want done, and she said she’d get it handled right away. He emailed her within 15 minutes of us getting home. Still no response. I feel like he was more than fair. He gave her two options. One, install the two new standard doors, and refund the difference. Two, refund the entire project for breech of contract. (We read the fine print!) Either way I’ll be happy when this gets resolved.

IF it gets resolved!

We Have Doors! Well….a Door…

Follow up to a previous post complaining about DELAYS on everything…I know, first world problems. I am well aware of that! Still can be a tad frustrating. 🙂

Ordered 2 new exterior doors from local home improvement store back in May. We had to chase them down through the entire process, awful communication on their end. Unfortunately other places were not accepting custom orders for doors. Due to the age of our home, the doors are not the ‘standard’ size you can get off the shelf. They had to be custom made. Two different people came out on two separate occasions to take measurements. DH told both that the back door appeared to be standard size, but they both disagreed. See where this is going?

After chasing these people for almost FIVE MONTHS (we spent $2600!) we finally got a call Monday night at 7pm telling us they would be here to install the doors between 8am and 10am on Tuesday. Not even 24 hours notice. Super professional, but DH and I were home and would be glad to get these done!

They show up and install the basement door, it’s perfect, no issues. They come to do the back door and guess what? This extremely expensive custom made door doesn’t fit. Why? Because it’s a standard size frame and door, not the custom size!!! So we paid over a thousand dollars for a custom made door, when we could have gotten one off the damn shelf at the store itself! DH was livid. As am I. This is ridiculous. Now we get to enjoy more back and forth bs with this company. Looking forward to a refund and at least some sort of discount on labor, because I’m not paying for install AGAIN after they botched this deal.

I will give the installers credit. At least they checked every thing before removing my back door. That wouldn’t have surprised me. Seems competency is severely lacking these days.

Also I’m still dealing with other Covid related delays. After my bar stools were delayed until March 2022, and my bathroom light fixture delayed until October (after I received a shipping notification!?), we decided to only order stuff via Prime on Amazon. Well I’ll be damned if I didn’t order some sconces on Amazon – marked Prime and in stock – only to discovered after they shipped, that they’re shipping from China!!! “Expected delivery October 27th – November 18th”…. AHHHH!! I hate that everything comes from China. What happened to being self sufficient? This country is such a mess. These are material things, but imagine when it comes to necessities….scary.

An Overwhelming Schedule

July, August, and September have been and will be insanely busy months for my family. Lots of doctors appointments to get through. My kids had their annual well check ups last week, and the pediatrician is concerned about scoliosis in both of them. My oldest received a referral to a pediatric orthopedic near us for back x-rays. His issue seems to be that he has a limb difference, one leg is 1.5″ longer than the other. This causes him to stand crooked, and overcompensate, putting pressure on his spine. I’m wondering if this is normal for his age (11), and maybe a growth spurt will help “even him out”.

Since my youngest already has an orthopedic specialist, the doctor advised us to check with her about his back. He was born with bilateral clubfoot, and had limb differences for two years, until finally a growth spurt evened him out around age 4. He’s been fine ever since. We’ll see what the doctors say.

My youngest was prescribed physical therapy – again – back in July. It’s taken me over a month to get the children’s hospital to return calls and set it up. Only to find out they’ve closed all three locations near us! And by “near” us I mean 45 minutes. Now I’ll be driving almost an hour and a half one way, 2-3 times a week for PT! This is on top of driving 40 minutes one way (in the opposite direction, of course), for my oldest’s allergy shots, twice a week.

Speaking of doctors, I finally got a human to answer the phone on Friday at my doctors office!!! She was so rude. Told me they wouldn’t be able to get me in until the end of September. I replied with “well what’s one more month when I’ve been calling for three…” Oh my, she did not like that one bit, lol.

Lady: What number did you call?

Me: This one.

Lady: No you didn’t.

Me: Um, yes. Yes I did. (I even repeated the number.)

Lady: You must have had the wrong number. I return ALL PHONE CALLS!

Me: Except mine, but okay.

Lady: You didn’t leave a message at our office then.

Me: I did. Weekly, since May. As did my husband, who received a return call, and an appointment within a timely manner. But end of September is fine, let’s just get it scheduled.

The petty in me pulled my phone records and checked. Yes, I did call the correct number, weekly, since May. I’m so tempted to print these out, highlight the numbers and dates, and mail it to her with a letter. My goodness she was nasty. Not how you should be treating patients who are just trying to get refills on important medications!

This week we just have allergy shots Monday and Wednesday. Thursday is my youngest’s IEP meeting with our new school district. Curious to see how that goes! It was always a pain with our previous district. Of course it’s over zoom, I hate that so much, really makes these types of meetings more difficult.

At the end of the week, I have a company coming out who specializes in custom closets. Suppose to be affordable, and 40% off with free installation. I’d just like to get the kids closets redone. The current set up is bulky (1970’s) with huge too-high shelves, no hangers even fit on the fat bar that is in both closets. Very strange! I figure if this place isn’t reasonable, we’ll do something from IKEA. Just need them to be functional ASAP. Happy Monday!

“Professionals” Strike Again LOL

I’m on a roll with my ranting posts about crappy service! Today I bring to you duct cleaning and attic insulation “professionals”.

We’ve had duct cleaning services at all our previous homes, and it was usually a flat rate fee. Around $300 to $350. Now the rates have doubled, with most places charging per system, per vent, per return. It adds up quick! We received a few quotes for close to $1500! In one of our community groups, we found one company had been recommended over and over, so we gave them a shot.

The quote over the phone was $350 per system, but a $50 discount for every additional system. We have two systems, so it was $650. Now as part of our purchase contract, the seller had to replace the entire HVAC system, water heater and furnaces. All of these units are brand new, installed the same month the cleaning was scheduled.

Duct cleaning crew comes and goes. My DH didn’t even notice that the carbon copy handwritten receipt said $700, and promptly paid with the debit card. Is anyone else’s DH/partner completely oblivious when it comes to finances? Or receipts? I swear he never notices things.

Of course I noticed immediately and called the next day. I realize it’s “only” $50, but that’s my hard earned $50! The guy said “oh yeah, looks like we forgot to add on the $50 multi unit discount. But since we changed out the air filters, we’ll just call it even.” Uh, what. No where on the paperwork did they write anything about changing out the filters. The filters were already brand spanking new, so how do we even know they really changed them? It irked me and I still feel like he pulled an excuse out of his ass to keep from refunding the $50.

Then comes attic insulation. Now we had our rental home insulated with the blow in stuff for $896 in 2019. We had our last home insulated, with the fancy spray foam option, for $1600 in 2020 and it was a massive attic! Well those affordable days are long gone lol. $3200 to add fourteen inches of blow-in insulation, and seal off areas around the attic. I’m not sure they sealed properly, because we discovered it “snowing” insulation down in the kitchen. Apparently there’s a gap between the drywall and the sheetrock. We can’t see it, but every day there’s a dusting of insulation in several spots.

I’d like to say that was the cheapest, but we’ll never know. Out of all the companies we contacted, they’re the only ones that showed up!! Those was are the unprofessionals. The guys who showed up were great, although they did take two weeks to cash my check. I could have used my card, but not for a 6% fee! Another $192, no thanks!

The next big expense – and hopefully the last for a long time – is the tree removal I previously mentioned. The best quote by far is $4200 for removing the two large trees hanging over the house, plus 6 smaller ones in the backyard that are dead, stump grinding all of them, and haul away. All of this is verbal, and I told DH I want that estimate in writing before the day comes. I don’t trust anyone anymore! Every single line item better be on there.

I’m starting to fall into routine and feel better. I really need to get my medication refilled, but I’ve left numerous messages, and the doctors office still has not called me back. Last week they picked up the phone and hung up on me. I looked into switching doctors, but new locations want medical information from the old office, and I have to request it. I always thought they did that, I just signed a form permitting it, but no. Now I’m suppose to do it, which means having to get ahold of this damn office.

The Results of Hiring a “Professional”

We finally received an update on the doors. They should arrive within 30 days, and then the installers should be able to install within 15 business days. So end of September? Maybe we’ll have new doors by then.

Our endless streak of crappy service continues. This time with professional wallpaper installers. I purchased some beautiful, and expensive (to me), wallpaper from Spoonflower for my kids bathroom. I originally reached out to a woman with amazing Google and Facebook reviews. She quoted me for the three rooms I wanted done. After finding out that two of the wallpapers were backordered for 6 to 8 weeks, I decided to just go ahead with the boys bathroom for now. She declined to do just one room and said to get back in touch when I had all the wallpaper. I won’t lie, her response really ticked me off. It was still a job I was paying for!

DH knew I was upset about that (this was nearing our move in date) and surprised me by hiring another company using the Thumbtack app. They had rave reviews, hundreds of 5 stars, pictures showing great work, etc.

Three young guys showed up and spent about two hours talking nonstop about the McGregor fight happening that evening – all while wallpapering the bathroom. This is patterned, they assured us they are experts with difficult patterns. When they told me to come look, my heart sunk, it was AWFUL! I got DH and he said “well over here and here need to be fixed” and the young guys got back to work.

I ordered enough rolls and should have had 25ft leftover. By the time these guys were done, I had a 1ft scrap, and a disaster in the bathroom. There was no more paper left to fix what they messed up. It’s awful. See for yourself…..

There is an entire panel that isn’t even pasted down. I realize with an intricate pattern there will be a section that is not aligned properly, which you usually put in a spot that would not be noticeable – say behind a door, not in front of it. But these misalignments were all over the room, not a single panel lined up right. I was so upset. This was roughly $1,000 in labor and materials.

After being angry for weeks after, and debating over not doing the other rooms after all, my backordered wallpaper arrived unexpectedly early. I reached out to a guy I found through Instagram who does wallpapering for celebrities and HUGE companies around our state. He told me he was booked, and I was quite far, and suggested I check out Thumbtack for pros in my area. I told him that’s what I did originally and they botched the job despite all their rave reviews. He told me to dispute it and I should be compensated for labor and materials. I immediately made DH do that.

In less than 24 hours the company refunded the labor and the price of the wallpaper!! I was thrilled. I’m still not happy with the experience. I mean now we have to remove the paper, and re-prep the walls, and that’s time and money too. It’s just frustrating that you can’t find any good workers these days. They’re quick to take your money though! They never once apologized for the crappy work, just sent a text requesting our CashApp or Venmo information.

Not sure what to do with the remaining two rooms I have wallpaper for. I really want to get the rooms done. They’ve been a dream for years, saved in my private Pinterest boards, just waiting for the perfect home to hang them in. I’ve yet to reach out to the original lady, but I suppose I’ll do that later today. Hopefully she’ll allow me to book for 2 rooms instead of 3. Wish I could insert some eye roll emojis on WordPress.

Labor Shortage, Idiots, and Inflation

I don’t know what to do with this blog. I come by everyday with the intention of typing an entry. I’ll start. Then stop. I overthink it! So I just ‘x’ out and go back to catching up on other blogs. I guess we’re back to paying off debt with a new car and a mortgage! I updated the sidebar, once we settle down in our new area/home, I’ll focus on making extra money to throw at the car payment, then mortgage.

We moved in, finally. It was a whole process between closing and move in day. So much had to be done. So many things went wrong. (So many things still going wrong.). Inflation is INSANE and killing us in every aspect these days. The labor shortage has definitely caused some stress.

We ordered new carpet to be installed before we moved in. Paid in full on May 25th, and were told it was in stock and ready to go. They would call us May 30th to schedule. We waited, and waited. A week after they should have called, we tried to call. No one answered. We drove an hour to the store to get an update. Oh, oopsy! It’s backordered, won’t be in until June 28th!!! A MONTH! And no one called us. Come to find out it was never in stock, it’s made to order, and hadn’t even been ordered yet. Long, rage-inducing, story later: our carpet was installed July 10th.

We also have to replace two exterior doors on the new home. We had a detail done on May 22nd. That’s where they come and take measurements, and we were told we’d have the estimate within 24 hours. LOL! For nine days we tried to get the estimate. The guy answered the phone twice, and both times he told us “oh yeah, I’m almost done with it, I’ll email it over tonight” – never happened. By the end of June, we still did not have an estimate, so we went up to the store. The same guy from the detail was like “oh yeah I was just about to call you, I have it ready…” Yeah, okay….

We go into his office, he types and types and types. Awkward silence in there. Meanwhile DH and I are like what the hell is going on? Why is it so difficult to buy the damn doors?? It’s $2500, fine. Ridiculous, but fine!! We okay it, he tell us it’s 2 weeks out for doors, and that someone else will be in touch with us to finalize it all within 24 hours. Okay?! He takes our card info, but doesn’t run it for payment yet.

Surprise, never heard from anyone! Called, emailed, etc. The guy replied to our email that the other person supposedly left us a voicemail the day before at 10am. Lies. No missed calls, no voicemails. I replied back to verify they were using the correct phone number – no answer to that email! A few days later, we stopped by the new house to drop things off, and some random guys showed up to measure the doors. We’re like what? Why? We already had a detail!?!?

Weeks go by, no update. Card never charged. No calls. Silence. This time we inquire with the store manager and she immediately gets in touch to apologize to us. Puts a different salesman in charge. He’s great, on it, but says he’ll get back to us with the estimate. We’re like we already got an estimate?! Why do you have to redo it?! Oh my god!! He did, in timely manner, but said that was just for doors and not labor. He would be back in touch with full costs shortly.

Next thing I know, they tried to charge my credit card $3,000!! NO ONE called to verify the amount. My card flagged it as fraud and didn’t allow it through. Well surprise, surprise! After the declined payment, the first salesman immediately texted my husband and said “your payment will not process”. We’re like NO ONE HAS TOLD US THE TOTAL!?!??!?! More back and forth, a price increase, a price match, and we paid.

Then he informs us, that the lead time is currently 8 to 10 weeks out!!!!!!! I almost lost my mind. So many lies and balls dropped since May 22nd. He literally told us 2 weeks while on the phone getting updated payment information. I’m still so angry with those people. Let’s see if we get doors in the next 2-3 months!

During a storm the other night we heard a loud crash. The next day we found tree branches all over the deck from two huge trees next to the house, hanging over the house. Not good. (It’s been such a stormy summer here!) Our cousins up the street had 8 large oak trees removed for $3200, so we called their tree guy. Our quote for two trees? $6,000. Because they’re so close to the house. 😦 Sigh. Going to get a few more quotes, although this guy did say he would beat any of them….

The only smooth process of moving, was the actual move. Our movers were fantastic and worth every penny. Thankful for that. As far as hiring out for other stuff – a complete nightmare. We have several things on our to do list to get done. One contractor quoted us $750.00 to replace ONE 12ft deck board – not including supplies. LOL!!! These rates are insane. DH and I have decided we’ll be DIYing a majority of things from here on out. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials lol.

Homeowners Again!

Back in March, we got a build quote of $300,000 excluding land ($100k+) and utility hook ups ($30-$50k) – it seemed completely impossible. Fast forward to the beginning of May, and I received an email from the builder stating that the quote was invalid now (was good for 90 days on paperwork), and that it had increased by $120,000. So $420,000 excluding land and utilities for a 1900 sqft house. Absolutely INSANE for where we live!!

I am so thankful we found this random house as a for sale by owner listing before it ever hit MLS. The seller really liked us too. He went through and installed all new electrical, HVAC, furnaces, water heater, and pool equipment. We move in two weeks! We kept the entire process hush-hush from family until closing day. Everyone was shocked lol. Not sure we’ll share the address with them! Ha.

DH is currently commuting an hour and a half to his new job. That sucks, but it’s temporary. He’s fitting in well and likes the upper management. Morale seems good there, unlike his last location. I’m hopeful he can grow there!

I still do not have my car back from Toyota from the accident that happened in early April. Well, I did pick it up last week, only to find NEW damage and they never checked my pre collision system. The sensor was damaged! Ridiculous. I am so angry at how this has been handled. There’s fresh chips in the paint on my hood, that happened AFTER I dropped my vehicle off. The girl claimed that was rock chips, not their responsibility. Until I whipped out my phone with all my pictures!! At the accident AND drop off for repairs, those chips (HUGE chips!) are no where to be found!! So I had to drop my car back off and I’m still waiting to hear something. They damaged the paint while installing a headlight, the headlight is crooked, the fender isn’t aligned properly, the hood isn’t even latching tightly, and my rim is still damaged. Things that should have been handled.

You really can’t rely on anyone to do their jobs anymore. It’s frustrating. Now I’m stressed about having to hire movers. Is anyone worth a damn anymore?!

Moving, Job Change, Car Accident, Chaos

Title sums it all up! We’re officially under contract on a home about an hour north of us. It’s a compromise on location and property, but we are THRILLED! Now if we can just get through this finance process without having a heart attack, that would be great. Everyday it’s something new. A problem here, a problem there, more fees, etc. Our closing costs keep creeping up and no one can explain it. We’ve already switched lenders once. Fingers crossed we close shortly!

The same day we went under contract, a lady sped through a stop sign going 40mph. I t-boned her, in my brand new car. She was cited and a witness stopped to state SHE ran it. Her insurance is fighting it. That was a month ago, and I still do not have my car, nor a rental car. It’s been a very frustrating process dealing with insurance. Minor injuries were sustained. My neck and shoulders are still killing me. Thankful my kids were no in the vehicle! DH also has some injuries to his shoulder, neck, and lower back. Over $5,000 in MRI’s so far. Very frustrating process, our bank account is dwindling quickly over medical bills.

A week after going under contract and the accident, DH applied for his same position, at a different location. He immediately was called for an interview. I tagged a long to check out the area. He was offered the job on the spot! His last day at current location is quickly approaching. Everyone is freaking out that he’s leaving. He basically handles everything there, but was shown NO respect or appreciation by upper management. Now they’re screwed lol. Good riddance!

Stressful times, but I’m hopeful it will lead us to a more peaceful lifestyle. Today I will be calling insurance and Toyota and demanding an update. I need a vehicle!!! One vehicle is not conducive to our schedules, especially with the kids being back to in person school. I need to get the kids school records transferred. I also need to get moving quotes. Thanks to injuries, we won’t be able to unload our POD ourselves. Ticks me off! Careless drivers costing us a small fortune. Ridiculous. Lots of things to do in the coming weeks, stressful, but for the greater good!

Taxes are Done!!! and a Build Quote

We survived filing taxes for 2020! We were prepared to fork over thousands of dollars to the IRS this season. We sold two homes, had two small businesses, and DH’s regular W2. It had to be messy and expensive we thought. DH figured around $10,000 and my mind was stuck on $30,000. I figured I’d rather aim high and be relieved when it’s less lol. In the end we owed $0 federal, and $800 state. Due to Covid, and one of the businesses going under very quickly, there were a lot more deductions than we realized. Of course, if we didn’t have kids, we’d have owed close to $6,000. Thanks kids! I also want to add that our tax lady complimented me on how organized I was with all of our expense reports! Ha! Take that other CPA demanding I hire a bookkeeper!

That’s a huge weight off our shoulders now. We can move forward with life. DH put in for a transfer, we’re hoping to hear something this week. Send us some positive vibes, this would be a wonderful opportunity. He also received a 3% raise at work.

The builder finally got back to me with a build quote. Now I know lumber costs are through the roof right now, so I was expecting this estimate to be right where it is. $300,000. Not including land. However, I didn’t realize it also doesn’t cover utility hook ups, which he told us runs $30,000-$50,000! Wow. That seems really high! The whole thing is high, and building is likely not in our future. It’s frustrating, because the plan I have is a small ranch, 1900 sqft. It shouldn’t be $300,000 to build. It’s not fancy! We can go to the really nice towns in our state and buy a farmhouse mcmansion spec house on three acres for $242,000. Nothing makes sense. Land alone is $55,000-$120,000 for 1-5 acres. I understand it’s a “custom” build, but it’s a damn rectangle, low profile roof. I’d be curious to see a line by line breakdown, but I doubt we could get that without committing. If anyone has gone through a custom build, I’d love some advice on the whole process. I really wanted our next home to be our forever home and exactly what we want, but I also need to be realistic with our budget.

I really want to get in the habit on daily blogging. It’s a good outlet. But I feel like I have nothing to write about. Then again, my favorite blogs are the consistent ones, that are just normal, everyday updates about life. Maybe I’ll do a 30-day challenge and see how that goes.