Terrible Week

This week has been awful.  I’m stressed out and just…feeling defeated.  The car sale transaction has turned into a nightmare buyer situation.

The lady began harassing us via text on Tuesday about the check engine light coming on.  Mind you, this is an as-is no warranty private sale, and she even had it checked out before buying.  The car passed two inspections.

Apparently there was an issue with the gas tank having a hole.  We weren’t aware of this, nor did we ever experience any problems relating to it.  Legally – it’s not our problem.  She bought it 5 days before, how do we know that SHE didn’t cause the damage to the gas tank?????

She wouldn’t let up.  DH went to the shop, got them to drop it $100, and paid for the repair in full.  $700 loss.  I am beyond angry over this.  Had that woman come to us kindly, maybe I’d feel better, but to go off the way she did…she didn’t deserve a dime of help for repairs in my opinion.

We have two more cars to sell.  I am stressed out over that.  I am so sick and tired of being screwed over by nasty people.  Sick and tired.  I could cry.

That’s not even the worst of the week.  To top it off, while those bitchy texts were going on, my six year old was hospitalized.  Yeah, that mystery illness ended up being quite serious.  He was admitted and on IVs for hours.  He’s still not 100%, and after a follow-up appointment today, if he doesn’t start holding down fluids again, he’ll be re-admitted to the hospital.

Then after coming home from that appointment, my two year old is vomiting, and showing signs of the same infection DS1 has.  Ahhhh!!!

So far medical costs have been:

  • $40.00 – Pediatrician Co-Pay
  • $250.00 – ER Co-Pay
  • $40.00 – Pediatrician Follow-Up Co-Pay
  • $41.00 – Prescriptions
  • $35.00 – Popsicles, Gatorade, etc.  (Trying things to get him to eat/drink!)
  • One Day of Pay – DH had to call in for his Monday night shift.

Our health insurance plan sucks and we’re responsible for 40% after our deductible is met.  Our deductible is $14,100.  I am scared of the bills we’ll receive for this.  That $700 from the car could have been rightly used towards this.

Just need to breathe.

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An Eventful Weekend

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Ours was quite productive…

We sold our car to the first person that showed up and for full asking price!  $3,000.00!!  One down, two to go.  Just need those titles…

In the morning I called our auto insurance company to remove the vehicle we sold from our policy. The rep informed me that since the license plate is still showing as registered to us, he cannot remove it from our policy!? Well we haven’t received the paperwork in the mail yet to transfer the tag to the new truck. Basically if we do not transfer or surrender the tag to the local DMV office, we’ll be fined by the DMV, and stuck paying insurance on a vehicle we no longer own. It’s insanity. What a stupid new law. DH is going to the DMV office tomorrow to get it situated. I don’t want to pay $77/mo on a car we’ve sold!!!

Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning the house. We hosted a dinner and game night for friends. Had a good time, and it didn’t cost us a dime!

On the way home from dinner with family, DS1 began throwing up all over the new truck. It was horrible. It was everywhere. DH dropped us off, bathed the kid, and took off to the local car wash to steam clean the truck out before he had to leave for work.

When DH arrived at work, his cellphone began blowing up with alert texts from Capital One. Then a phone call. His credit card – the one I just paid off – was hacked!! Several thousands of dollars charged to various places online. That credit card is now cut up and being replaced. Glad Capital One caught it!

Definitely an eventful weekend.  Now I’m off to the pediatricians office to figure out what this ongoing mystery illness my six year old has been battling for weeks is.

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5 Things Friday – All Good Things!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!  

Continuing with the five on Friday theme….

1. We received a lien release in the mail yesterday!  I just got back from the registration office to request the title.  Another 7-10 business days, and we should be able to list that car for sale.  Woohoo!  Instead of $8 like the other title replacement, we had to pay $28 since it was considered a “transfer”, which is bs.  We already paid for that when we purchased the car in cash two years ago.  But it’s not worth the hassle at this point.

2. IMG_6165DH came across a great deal on dish detergent pods.  I have only tried pods in a dishwasher a few times at our old house.  I wasn’t a fan, because they never fully dissolved.  Happy to report we have much better water pressure here, and the pods dissolved perfectly.  DH scored nine boxes of Cascade pods for less than $10 total – clearance at a local hardware store!  With 39 pods per box, we’re set for a long time on dish detergent!

3. Paid off 2 credit cards this week!!  YAY!!!!!!

4. DH is officially a truck owner as of today.  I’ll have the details next week.  Waiting for our online account to be completely set up.  Yes, we financed.  By financing we saved thousands – stay tuned.

5. It’s payday!  Not only that, but this pay period included a quarterly bonus!  Woohoo!  Taxes ate up more than half of it, lol, but a little extra is always appreciated!

EDIT:  #6 – We have someone coming to look at the car we have listed for sale tonight.  Fingers crossed!!  Glad my counterfeit pens from Amazon arrived already!

Have a great weekend!

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Car Updates – Selling, Buying, Lien…

One of our main goals for 2017 is selling 3 vehicles and purchasing 1 newer, more reliable vehicle for DH.  We went to the county office to request replacements for 2 of the cars titles.  While there we discovered one has a surprise lien from the dealership.  The other one was no problem, and we received the replacement in the mail on Saturday.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks handling these issues, but I’ve got some good updates!

Lien Update

As for the vehicle with the lien, we played phone tag for several days, and finally the dealership owner stated he would handle it the following week.  Of course we had to call and leave a voicemail for a follow-up.  Another guy called back and said the owner was out of town for a couple weeks (nice!), but had supposedly “handled it” and that we should receive the title in the mail within 8-10 business days.  Honestly, I’m not feeling great about that, but we’re waiting the full 10 business days.  Our other vehicle title arrived within 4 business days.  It’s now been 7 business days since this lien problem was “resolved” – hmm….

For Sale!

The other vehicle is almost good to go.  We have a mobile car wash guy coming on Wednesday to clean the interior and exterior and get it nice and shiny.  That’s $24.95 – a bargain if you ask me!  DH had to get a “cheap” CD player for the car, because he wanted to keep his fancy one he originally installed when he bought the car.  That cost us about $50 at Wal-Mart.  That’s $75 dumped into a car we’re about to sell.

After looking at local comps, we should be able to list it for $3500, with a goal of getting no less than $2500.  A price we’re both comfortable accepting.  DH paid $3200 for it about a year ago.  A years worth of driving plus depreciation, I’d say we’re doing well with the sale.  Assuming it sells, which it definitely should!

We Have a Buyer!

On the 3rd vehicle, we already have a buyer lined up.  I mentioned this is the car we helped a relative purchase awhile ago.  He never paid us back, then it was impounded when he was pulled over for DUI.  We are $440 in the hole on this car – he owed us $250 on the purchase price loan, and $190 in impound fee’s.  It’s a bucket.  Our expectations were $750 on the high side, with a worst case scenario of $400.

Ends up, we already have a buyer!  For $500.  One of DH’s co-workers wants to buy it and fix it up.  Works for us!  We’re just waiting on the replacement title (which relative had to request and just did today!), and then it’s all his.

Taking Precautions

counterfeitpensAll vehicle sales are by private owner (us) and cash only.  To protect ourselves we’ll meet in a public location (even though our address info is on the titles lol), and I went ahead and purchased this $8.99 5pk counterfeit money detector pens on Amazon.  They’ll be here Thursday, just in time.  Better safe than sorry with all the crooks roaming the streets these days.  Never ever accept checks or money orders.  No payment plans (yes, people ask!) and no holds/deposits.  First come, first serve.  Cash, due in full, period!

Also, all vehicles are sold as-is with no expressed nor implied warranties.  I have a bill of sale typed up and ready to print for each vehicle.  Always print 2 copies – buyer and seller must fill out and sign both copies.  You each keep one for your records.  Can you tell it’s not my first time doing this?  🙂

Buying a Truck

Yep, there’s an update to this.  DH found a truck!!  I’ll have a post up about this as soon as every thing is 100%.  Once again – cash is not king – so it was an interesting experience.

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Adapting to Change

The time has finally arrived.  DH’s new position recently began.  As a result of his companies “reorganization”, he now works night shift, and received a 5% pay increase, despite being told it would be 7% or 7.5%.  The new position is about 10x the workload, while the pay raise doesn’t even cover our insurance premium increase for 2017.  Meaning, our take home pay after taxes and insurance, is less than it was last year.

But that’s not the worst, or hardest part, for me.  It’s his absence at night.  I don’t like it.  The kids don’t like it.  Frankly it’s like he isn’t a part of the family.  When he is home, he’s sleeping.  That leaves me to handle the household, kids, school work, errands, etc. I have to admit I’m frustrated, a bit overwhelmed.  I’m hoping once he gets use to the new schedule, we’ll figure out a more productive routine for our family.

Working night shift just isn’t conducive to family time.  I grew up with a father that worked nights.  I witnessed how exhausted he was all the time.  I don’t want that for DH, nor our kids.  But it is what it is for right now.  It’s a job.  It pays the bills.   It will take some time, but we’ll adapt.  We always do.

Doesn’t mean I have to like it though.  🙂

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Woohoo! Damnit.


Old set.

Woohoo! We sold our ‘old’ washer and dryer set!  $700.00 cash.  I was originally asking $850 for the set, but after nearly two weeks with little interest, I lowered it to $800.  Eventually a sweet little old lady messaged me asking if I’d accept $600.  We settled on $700.  She arrived promptly the next morning with her husband and were thrilled with their new machines.

And damnit. Of course the second I sell the machines, my phone blows up with people asking to purchase at the $850 price I set originally!  (I guess the fb marketplace doesn’t edit price in each group.)  Within hours of selling for $700, I had to let six different people know that they were already sold.

I would have liked that extra $150, but we still made out well.

  • New Set: $400 paid
  • Old Set: $700 sold
  • Profit: $300

No complaints!  And it looks like we’ll have at least one credit card paid off this month!


New set!

Plus, I must say, I have never been so excited and happy over appliances in my life, but I am in love with this set!  It is the best set I have ever owned!  I was able to fit our king size bedding, plus twin bedding, all in one load.  It’s incredible!!  I’m doing fewer loads of laundry each week thanks to the larger size loads I can do.  I’ll never go back to a front loading set ever again.  No more annoying rubber ring that eats socks and easily mildews!

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A Surprise Lien

The time has come to finally sell off our old vehicles!  Perfect timing with tax refunds rolling in.  We cleared them out and cleaned them up.  Next I had to find the titles.  We moved several months ago, every thing from my office is still boxed up.  I went through box after box, file after file, couldn’t find the titles.

No big deal!  We can request a new copy at the local tag office for $10 and have it within 7 business days.  So that’s what we did this week.  We were able to get the 1999’s title just fine, but not the 2004.  There’s a lien on the title!!  For a vehicle we paid cash, in full, for in 2014!!!  The lien is held by the dealership we purchased the car from.  This is the car that will bring the most money, so I’m furious.

Thinking back, we’re not sure we ever received a title to begin with.  I remember after buying the vehicle, we had trouble getting the registration completed.  It was suppose to be sent to us within 30 days.  After 60 days they had to “investigate” and get us additional paperwork (meanwhile we kept being pulled over for our temp tag.)  Basically the dealership failed to file the paperwork properly with the state DMV.

(Another note about this transaction:  We were looking at private owner sales, not dealerships.  A guy posted this car, we met at his home near us, test drove, loved it.  Said we wanted to buy and he surprised us with it being a dealership vehicle.  We had to drive over an hour to the dealership and ended up paying tons of extra fees and taxes.  Red flags people, pay attention.)

Friday we tracked down the dealership and called.  Left a voicemail.  Called secondary number, no answer.  Emailed through website, it bounced back.  I wasn’t feeling good about them not answering the phone at 10am or 1:30pm on a week day, and emails bouncing.  At 6pm the following day, we finally received a call back.  They have “no idea” what the problem is, but will go to our counties tag office next Tuesday to get the details.  I thought this was odd, since this dealership is an hour and a half away, but they’ll make the trek to our local office???

In the meantime I’m unpacking boxes trying to find the sales paperwork from this purchase, just in case, and I find the title for the 1999 vehicle.  Of course!!  Isn’t that how it always works out…

Hopefully it’s all resolved on Tuesday.  All we need is a lien release.  There’s no reason for a lien to be on a vehicle that was paid for in cash.  They don’t need to go to our local tag office, they can just send us a lien release.  Idiots.

Hopefully this $3,000+ delay is resolved quickly!  One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don’t do their jobs, especially involving paperwork.

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