Eviction Date Set

Thank you all for the helpful comments on a previous post of mine regarding my renter situation. (I’ve since made that post private due to personal details I don’t want searchable.) It took a few days of processing before we decided on a course of action. I let DH handle it.

He sent the renter a text – polite, yet firm – with a move out date of June 1st. Rent and utilities are to be caught up by that date as well (currently behind nearly $2,000.) No response was received. Just as I expected.

Every time I sent a text with the months bills, the first one mysteriously never goes through, yet they receive every thing else I send. (Insert eyeroll.) DH waited 24 hours, and sent a follow up text: I need you to acknowledge that you this text and understand please.

Seconds later a response: Get what?

HA. Anyway, he resent it, it was acknowledged. They apologized profusely for being a burden, etc etc, and hope to be out May 1st. Not holding my breath. A letter has also been sent via certified mail stating the exact same thing as the text. I don’t expect it to get nasty, but we have to cover our own asses legally just in case.

So that’s the update. I feel awful about, because of who it is, but I can’t keep paying for two households on one income anymore. Unfair and overly stressful. Learn from my mistakes: never rent to friends or family! (Or be a landlord ever lol.)

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Spring Break, Insurance Coverage, etc.

So much for working on this site and posting more. I forgot it was spring break. It’s always unfortunate when that creeps up on you and you’re unprepared!

Thank you for all the replies to my renter situation post! You are all right, and I know that, it’s just going through with an eviction on family is tough. I’m meeting with her soon. I made the entry private for now, as I’m paranoid someone I know may come across it. Doubtful, but I don’t want anymore drama lol.

A few interesting developments regarding DH’s work and the time he was out on leave. First, we have not received the refund from the overpayment of benefits. Shocker. Second, he received a raise! We only found out from his first paycheck when he got back. He missed his annual review in February, but his boss went ahead and gave him an increase. It’s small, but every penny counts! Third, DH’s department received a bonus for the last quarter of 2018. However, since he was out on leave when it was disbursed, he did not receive any of it. Doesn’t make any sense to me, since it was DH who met the requirements for his department to earn the bonus. Sigh. It was “only” $1200, but that would have been nice to receive!

We received a call from our lawyer. The at fault drivers insurance company came back with a new offer on property replacement, they went up a whopping $100!! Even though fair market is well over $10,000 and our carseats were $700. Our lawyer wasn’t impressed, but had to present it to us, we declined. It will be lumped into the demand letter for medical and property. Medical has exceeded the at fault drivers policy coverage, which sucks for us, but we’ll see what happens.

We have uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage on our policy. We’ve always made sure to have this, and assumed we could tap into it if need be. WRONG! Apparently if your coverage amount is the same as the at-fault drivers coverage, then your insurance company won’t cover a dime, unless it’s specifically written into your policy. We had never heard of this and ALWAYS requested this coverage directly with our insurance agent. Not once did he explain there are two coverage methods: full or less at-fault.

That means if at fault has $100k policy and we have $100k policy less at-fault, our insurance would pay $0. If we had $150k, our insurance would pay up to $50k. Well our policies are the same amounts and listed as “less at-fault” and we get screwed. There’s a tip, if you’re not familiar with this, check your policies. One of those oh-so-fun life lessons.

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April Fool’s. My luck isn’t that good. Happy April 1st. Post coming tomorrow.

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Good News, Bad News

Good news: I was right. The benefits bills are completely wack. Found out today that we over paid by $474 and a refund check is being issued. Only took a week to get situated, and well…won’t hold our breath over when a check may be received. I did receive confirmation via email that there was an error though.

Bad news: Our front door was…kicked in? We’re not sure what happened, but based on the damage to the frame, door, and locks…someone attempted to break in Sunday night. While I was home alone with my kids. I thought I heard something, but then our neighbors dogs started barking, I just assumed it was outside. I have to admit, I’m a bit shaken up about this.

We’re looking into security systems now. We did this last year and the quote was nearly $8,000 with equipment, but I’ve found many other options, such as the ring doorbell, that could be just as useful, and far more affordable. DH wants a dog too. Not sure I’m ready for that commitment, the kids are enough for me these days!

Now we have to replace the front door, including the frame, and locks, and get the other locks rekeyed just to be safe. Plus some sort of security system. I’m not sure what the cost of the door will be, but doubt it would be worth a homeowners insurance claim with the deductible. Will double check though.

At least I am trained with firearms and prepared to use one to defend my kids, myself, my property if it ever resorted to such a thing. Our area is going downhill, it’s a shame.

The fun never ends.

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Brief Benefits Bill Update

Brief update about this ongoing benefits bill saga. We’ve still received zero help through HR, payroll, or benefits company. However, we did receive the paper bill in the mail today and it shows for “4/1-4/30” coverage!!! With the breakdown and every thing just like the previous bill. Since DH returned back to work, this should be auto-deducted from his paychecks. But we won’t know until next pay day (next week).

I cannot roll my eyes enough over this situation. Now they’re dangling cancellation over heads, but you know damn well they’ll probably still deduct if I pay in full right now. We clearly do not owe this, I’m not sure why this is so hard for someone to figure out on the company’s side.

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Hit By Benefits Bill AGAIN?!

Once again someone has dropped the ball with DH’s benefits while on FMLA. I received two bills and paid them in full at the same time for about $2200. On one of these statements it clearly shows “billing period 3/1-3/31” – one would assume that means benefits are paid in full for this month, right?


DH went back to work this week. Well, let me preface by saying we have not received any further bills, notifications, or messages from the company handling the benefits since I paid the balance. Anyway, in his work email, from February, he has an email showing another benefits bill for $1,586.87 due by April 4th. AHHHH!!! (Why this was sent to his work email, we have no idea. He was locked out of his work accounts while on leave, it’s not like he could login. Also, no other bills were sent there.)

I’m sitting here looking at the paper bill for benefits. It clearly breaks down all the costs: medical, dental, vision, life insurance, etc. And billing dates are 100% through 3/31. So what the hell is this bill in his email from the benefits center?!

I am so angry right now. HR couldn’t answer it. Benefits company said to contact payroll. Payroll said they don’t handle benefits. Benefits said HR handles it, HR has no clue what we’re talking about. Around and around we go with a bunch of LAZY morons who won’t do their jobs.

I did the math. DH received $2,736 and some change as his 60% for short term disability. Meanwhile, we paid out $2,200 for benefits and now they’re expecting another $1,500?! We can’t get ahead. The only reason I was even able to pay benefits was our tax refund.

I am just fuming at this. Something is wrong. But we’re getting the runaround trying to get it handled. How do these idiots get jobs and I can barely get interviews these days? My goodness it is mind blowing.

On top of that, relative renter now owes just under $2,000 in rent and utilities. I sure do love supporting another household on a single income. I’d insert an angry emoji right here if I knew how.

This too, shall pass….right?!

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Monday – Back to the Norm

Well after a lot of back and forth on Friday and escalating to supervisors left and right, DH finally got his medical clearance paperwork situated. (The weight restrictions did NOT have to be handwritten, just on the paper – as expected, ugh.) DH is officially back to work.

I knew it would be a difficult adjustment for my youngest (he’s 3), but he also has the stomach flu (I assume), so he’s extra cranky and clingy today. I called the pediatrician’s office for a sick appointment, they can get us in Wednesday at 4pm. Not very helpful, and I’m sure he’ll be on the mend by then!

I’m just sitting here waiting for my Wal-Mart grocery pick-up order to be ready. The convenience is great, the prices aren’t bad, but I do miss being able to submit the receipts on Savings Catcher. I use to get back and average of $10-$15 each time. The changes to Savings Catcher last fall weren’t great, and now I get an email that they are discontinuing the program this May. What a bummer. They claim their prices were consistently lower and price matching wasn’t necessary – lol – I beg to differ! I have a feeling they’ll start charging a fee for grocery pick-up soon, like Kroger does. Online grocery shopping has saved us a ton though, I stick to my meal plan list, and I’m not throwing random stuff in the cart.

Now that I’ll have “free time” again (ie alone time) I’m going to fix up this blog a bit. Numbers are outdated and such. Maybe a new look. Give me something to do.

Orders ready, off I go. Happy Monday.

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