Hello 2017

I intended to have posts ready to go by January 1st.  Yet here it is, already the 11th, and I manage to fail at blogging.  That’s life.  The BEST of intentions; varied motivation; limited results.  Moving on…

I recently started using Personal Capital for my go-to budgeting tool.  For bill paying and such, I use a spreadsheet in Google Drive that I created many years ago, but I wanted something that would sync my accounts, so I’d have an easy overall view of my accounts.  Without logging in and out of multiple websites.

I’ve tried Mint, but it wasn’t as detailed, and it didn’t support some of my accounts.  YNAB is an option, but now that it’s subscription based, I opted not to try it.  Dave Ramsey has a budgeting tool, Every Dollar, but again it’s subscription based.  I have no desire to pay a monthly fee to handle a budget.

Current numbers are updated on the side bar.  I was hoping this would be our max debt this year, but it seems we may be taking on a car loan soon.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  We haven’t had a car payment in years, and I love that freedom.

Savings.  I recently withdrew $1400 from digit, to put towards debt.  If we do go forward with purchasing a new(er) vehicle, our main savings will take a $3000 hit.  I’m assuming $3000 as a down payment, hoping for less, won’t do more than that.

Upcoming post will go over my goals for this year.  First goal is to be better at posting here.

  • Starting Debt: $71,372.24
  • Starting Savings: $15,464.11*

*I’m only accounting for our regular savings account.  Not the apps, investments, or Digit.

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2 Responses to Hello 2017

  1. Amanda @ My Life, I Guess says:

    “The BEST of intentions; varied motivation; limited results.” Wow. This pretty much sums me up perfectly! 🙂
    I can’t wait to read more!


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