2017 Goals

New year, new goals, refreshed motivation (ehhh….)!  I have a long list of goals for this year.  I’ll outline them below, then make a separate page.  That way I can update each goal accordingly.  My hope is that this little space on the web will hold me accountable.  Time to crawl out of my hole and get back on track.  A lot of items on this list will be the subject of more lengthy posts in the future.  For now a brief summary per goal, and yes, it’s quite a lengthy list…

1.  Sell 3 vehicles.  Buy 1 reliable vehicle for DH.

We currently have four vehicles, all are paid off, and they are older. Three have full insurance coverage (approx. $185/mo total) – I want to get this back down to $140ish or lower by going back to just two vehicles.  The fourth has no coverage.  Selling 3 vehicles to get 1 newer, more reliable is the main goal.  

2. Sell rental house.

We became accidental landlords when we moved from our old home to our new one.  We intended on selling it immediately, but a family member needed a place, and we agreed to help them out.  We’re hoping this family member relocates, and we can sell the property this year.  Being landlords is not for us.

3.  Pay off all credit card debt.

This is a no brainer.  It’s honestly not that bad.  We just need to stop using the cards for things that pop-up here and there, and stop eating out.  I want to use credit cards solely to churn them for cash back or rewards going into the new year.  Debt amounts will be listed in the sidebar and updated monthly.

4.  Use rewards credit card(s) towards bills.

As mentioned above, I’d like to start churning credit cards for rewards on a regular basis.  I applied for and received my first rewards cc a few months ago, and have been good about paying it off in full each month. 

5.  Increase emergency fund from $15,000 to $17,500+.

Self-explanatory.  Just want to keep the liquidity building.  

6.  Host a garage sale.  Participate in consignment sale.  Minimize belongings.

A must do for 2017.  We have plenty of large items to sell.  I think we could easily net around $1000, if not more.  This will help clear out the storage rooms and pay off debt.

7.  Vacation.

Either take a family vacation, or begin saving specifically for a big vacation in 2018.  We’ve considered Disney World and Disney Cruises.  Both are costly.  If we go this year, it would be a resort or other cruise line type getaway. 

8.  Keep job hunting.

While I am not in need of a job, I am keeping my eyes peeled for a potential position that may fulfill my needs.  Must pay enough to cover child care with some leftover, otherwise it’s not worth it.  Good benefits would be a must.

9.  Monthly meal plan – save more on food.

Eating out is our #1 budget buster.  I want to get into the habit of planning menus a month at a time and cooking at home more frequently.  I also want to shop sales and keep track of savings with various apps, such as Ibotta and Wal-Mart Savings Catcher.  I am late to the game with these savings app!

10. Misc: Adjust direct deposit. Wills. Diversify stock. SAHM Retirement.

As stated.  Mini goals to do throughout the year.  We absolutely must get our wills done.  

11. House goals: organize, declutter, and clean.

I’m still working on unpacking from our move and sorting things.  We have a lot of things to get rid of (goal#6), and a lot of organizing to do.  I’ll do a room-by-room list at some point.  No major renovations this year – hallelujah!!

So there are my goals for 2017.  Of course the main focus is paying off debt and boosting savings.  Speaking of ‘focus’, I know people choose words for their New Years, and this year I’ve chosen ‘focus’.  I am terrible at time management, so this year I intend to ‘focus’ more on spending my time wisely and planning accordingly.


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