“Company Reorganization”

Usually companies start layoffs in December and it’s all over the news.  Right before the holidays, always an uproar.  It seems 2017 changed things up a bit in the corporate world and companies held off until the new year – or end of fiscal year.

Right now DH’s job is in limbo.  Several coworkers and friends were laid off immediately.  The remaining employees in his position were given two options.  One ends in a lay off 12 months from now.  The other puts them in line for a new position, of which they have no information on.  They cannot even pick the positions.  It’s disgusting and disrespectful.

But it is what it is.

I mentally prepared myself for the worst.  The worst didn’t happen (lay off), but I’m not so sure this “reorganization” is going to work for our family.  We won’t have any news for another week.  The waiting in silence isn’t helping with morale either.  Assuming he gets an offer for a new position, it’s a small pay increase.  Not enough to rationalize the increased workload.

I’ve brought up the idea of DH going to college.  We have several local options, plus online.  He’s going to take a career aptitude test and see what comes of it.  I’ve looked into the affordability of him getting an associates or bachelors degree, and I think we could cash flow the entire process.  I’m estimating $1500 per 12 credit hours per semester.  Depending on books and materials.  I realize this will fluctuate greatly.

We both agree that student loans are out of the question.  Especially at our ages.  We couldn’t justify incurring that much debt.  We’d rather adhere to a tight budget for a few years, than decades of debt.  It seems credit hours range from $90 to $135, depending on the courses taken.

If we can get our rental house sold, that will certainly help make paying cash a possibility.

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