Clothing Distress

I’m not a shopper.  I hate shopping.  Especially for clothing.  I know ‘capsule wardrobes’ are all the rage these days.  People touting minimalism are the first to blab about it.  However, I’ve had a small wardrobe since high school.  I just do not care for fashion or clothing.  I like the basics, and comfort.  Jeans and t-shirts for me.

I have one pair of jeans.  They’ve finally succumbed to age and ripped in the crotch.  (They must be over 2 years old now.) I’ve been wearing these hole affected jeans for weeks now, because I’ve been unable to find a suitable replacement.  These are from American Eagle.  I’ve never worn another brand.  They just fit so well.  Until now.  Per usual, I just hopped online and ordered the exact same design, same size.  They arrived at least 4 sizes smaller and a completely different material.  It’s a leggings/jeggings material.


I now have to return those.  I bought 2 more pairs, in different styles, but my size.  Sure enough, they are made of that crappy spandex material, and run much smaller.  That makes 3 pairs being returned.  Time to shop elsewhere.

Tonight I splurged.  Based on recommendations from friends and family, I’m now expecting jeans from Torrid, Levi, and Gap.  I’m not keeping them all, but I wanted a selection to try on.  I’ll return those that don’t quite measure up.

This breaks down to:

  • $119.71 Levi’s
  • $58.24 Gap
  • $88.10 Torrid
  • $82.85 American Eagle
  • $36.07 American Eagle

That’s $384.97 spent trying to find some decent jeans!!  That amount makes me nauseous.  Of course AE doesn’t allow free returns, so I’m waiting until I am near a mall to return in store.  That will save me at least $15 in postage fee’s.

Fingers crossed one of these pairs works out well.  I’ve been a hermit lately, due to crotch hole pants!!  I guess there is a downside to a true capsule wardrobe, ha!

I used my cash back credit card for all orders and made sure to go through ebates as well.  Might as well get some cash back if I have to order a ton!  Were these purchases in our budget?  Absolutely not.  But it is what it is.


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4 Responses to Clothing Distress

  1. DebtGirl says:

    Thats a lot! Eek!


  2. vesta8 says:

    I buy my jeans at local consignment shop or resale shop — work in a chain factory so not going to pay more than I have to!


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