Employment Unknowns

As the end of another fiscal year quickly approaches, DH’s company is making changes.  A handful  of people were laid off, dozens of positions were eliminated entirely, and five new positions were created.  Interviews were held for the remaining employees of the eliminated positions and five people were given the new positions.  DH was ‘lucky’ to fall into this category, or he’d be job hunting.

This took place weeks ago.  We still have no idea what is going on.  There has been little communication from corporate.  He was told he received a raise with the current position and that it would go into effect immediately.  The raise was either 7% or 7.5%, his manager didn’t know at the time.  Well here we are, weeks later, and his pay has not changed.

I was working on a post about our income sources and realized I can’t even post that yet, because I have no idea what DH makes anymore!

Of course this meager raise barely covers the increased insurance premiums for 2017.  I’m use to budgeting on $1125 bi-weekly and lately it’s been $879-$941 bi-weekly.  Ouch!!  I expect DH will be reimbursed for the pay difference, the question is when.  No one seems to know what the hell is going on right now.

DH’s position/title changing not only comes with an insultingly low pay increase, but shitty hours.  Third shift.  This isn’t very conducive to family life with two small kids.  I’m a bit stressed out about the transition.  I think mostly because this new schedule affects my ability to get a job.  I’ve been waiting for a position to open up locally, and now I’ll have to turn it down.  I’m thankful I get to be a SAHM, but I’d much rather work.

It’s not all negative though.  These changes have brought about an amazing opportunity for DH.  His mother has offered to pay for him to enroll in college.  Something neither of us ever did, nor really had the means to do.  (I’m strongly against student loans!)  We’ve done well without it, but times are changing, and I think it’s an opportunity he would be stupid to refuse.

I looked at a campus nearby that offers a nice variety of 2 and 4 year degree programs.  It seems to be around $1500 per semester, based on 12 credit hours, not including books and fees. And my oh my are there a lot of fees associated with college!

At this point DH and I have agreed to wait until the transition is done and he gets a chance to work the new position and schedule.  Once we’re in a groove, he’ll look into registering. I’m quite excited for him, and look forward to the future, but first we must survive the present unknowns.

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