Food Waste Frustration Continued!

Well, I take back what I said in my previous post about not having problems with pork!  Just tossed out a brand new pork loin ($8.99) that reeks of rotten eggs.  I am so mad!!!  Wasted an entire bottle of bbq sauce ($2.99) along with it.  The smell didn’t hit me until I was moving the packaging to the trash can.  Unbelievable!!  The best buy date hasn’t even passed (Feb. 20!)

This puts a major damper in cooking at home.  So fed up.  More money down the drain!

Edit:  After talking to DH, I think we’ll start fridge shopping this weekend.  😦

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5 Responses to Food Waste Frustration Continued!

  1. Amanda @ My Life, I Guess says:

    OMG this has happened to us a few times with pork, too! The best before dates were still days away, but clearly the meat had spoiled. Apparently you can bring it back to the store for a refund if you have the receipt, but sometimes I doubt collecting and saving rotten meat is worth it…


  2. I think you are making a wise decision to replace your fridge. I’d also be concerned about potential food poisoning given how many items have gone bad.


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