Little Wins

I think people have a tendency to dwell on the negative when we’re stressed out, living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with debt, or even just the day-to-day activities of our lives.  I am not immune to that and think it’s probably my worst personality trait; I am a worry wart and easily stressed.  Par for the course with a Type A personality.  I do need to start focusing on positives, no matter how minute they may be.  Here are a few of my little wins for the week:

Free Stove!
A family member is renovating their kitchen, replacing all cabinets and appliances.  Having heard about our rental house stove, they offered us their current stove – for free!  It’s a stainless, year old, excellent condition stove identical to the one we had.  Savings: at least $400!

$3000 Refund!
When we moved, we had some major problems with a contractor.  After months of back and forth, we received a refund check for $3,000!!  Not as much as we had hoped, but we’re done fighting.

Free Brunch!
My mother treated us to brunch this weekend.  Savings: $31.

Etsy Sales!
Two Etsy orders.  Total: $34.42  Not much, but every penny counts!  And 30% will go directly to paying off debt.

Great Produce!
I found the most amazing and huge brussel sprouts at a grocery store I rarely shop at.  $2.79 for a pound and they were much nicer quality than what I get at Kroger or Wal-Mart!  Delicious!  In fact their entire produce selection was amazing.  I may start shopping there more frequently.

All of my tax documents are ready.  We have our appointment this week.  I know we’re getting a refund, but unsure of the amount.  I consider this a win, because I stayed organized this year, and didn’t have to hunt down every little thing.

Here’s to hoping for a week with a few more little wins!  

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One Response to Little Wins

  1. Nothing little about those wins, especially the $3K one! Awesome!


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