We had our tax appointment this morning.  I have been using a CPA for a few years now.  I’m sure I could just as easily save a few bucks and do my own through TurboTax or something, but the IRS scares me, so I let the pros handle it.  Maybe when our finances are less ‘messy’ I’ll feel more confident taking it on myself.

Back in the day we used H&R Block.  No rhyme or reason why, it was there, around the corner from our home at the time.  I stupidly assumed their fees were normal.  They were charging almost $300 when we were DINK’s, when our first bundle of joy arrived, they bumped that fee up to almost $600.  I cried.  Then I did my research, and found our CPA.  Saves us hundreds of dollars!  She charges $65-$150 depending on the amount of paperwork.  This year it cost us $140, which is the highest we’ve had to pay, but we also had twice the amount of paperwork due to medical bills.

After all was said and done, we’ll be getting back just under $6,000.  My youngest has some special needs, leaving us with plenty of medical bills.  It far surpassed the 10% bracket to itemize.  Apparently we qualified for the EIC as well.  I’m not a fan of the EIC and think it’s unnecessary.  You cannot decline this credit either.  The IRS is a strange one.  I’d love to try out a fair tax system someday.  But I digress.

With $6,000 coming within the next week or so, it’s time to sit down and write out how to disperse these funds.  Some towards debt, some to buffer the checking account, some into savings, and maybe some entertainment money.  School break is coming up, I’d like to do something fun with the kids.  We don’t often get out, and I’m thinking maybe a trip to the zoo, aquarium, or museum would be fun.  Of course that kind of fun isn’t free either.

Have you done your taxes yet?  Did you owe?  Come out even?  Anyone else not dread tax season?  I personally love it (even when we owe!)

(DINK = Dual Income No Kids.)
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3 Responses to Taxes

  1. Wow. H&R Block was all but robbing you! We’ve used the same CPA for over 20 years. Never seen bill higher than $150. This year I know it will be more on account of having started our own business. Have you thought about changing your deductions so you don’t get quite so much back? Tax time is my least favorite time of the year. So much stuff to compile!


    • We have our deductions maxed per CPA’s recommendation last year, it’s the EIC and medical that boosted the refund. I’ll never fully understand our tax system! It’s a mess. I use to help run a small family owned business, so I understand the hassle of compiling information! Self employment is not for the faint of heart. 😉


  2. Kyle says:

    We owe for the first time this year. My part time job withheld almost nothing all year (my fault for not checking it), so we’ve got quite the bill. On the plus side, our finances were super simplified this year after I closed down all my dumb attempts at “investing” with $50/month, so it was way easier! I think TurboTax is catching on to the fact that more people are DIYing it or going with a CPA. It was completely free for me this year, even for state filing (across two states, too!) for the first time in many years.


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