Trying to Avoid a Yard Sale = Fail

Since we moved, we’ve set aside items to sell/donate/trash as we’ve (slowly) unpacked.  I’m in a spring cleaning mood, and the piles to get rid of are quickly growing.  We hate having yard sales.  The end result is always nice; less stuff, extra cash.  No complaints there.  It’s the dealing with people we don’t enjoy very much.

In order to avoid a yard sale, we decided to try selling most things on Craigslist, Facebook groups, and the new Facebook Marketplace on the FB app.  I listed a handful of items earlier this month, and sold a few, mostly through Craigslist.  One actual sale through Facebook.  I’ll post these in my monthly update.  These sales gave us a boost of motivation to clean and sort some more.

This weekend I listed about 30 items (furniture, etc.) up for sale.  I received about 80 messages through Facebook from people wanting these items.  The amount of stupid in our society is just….exhausting!  My location and details are clearly laid out in every single listing!  I also state cash only, no delivery, no holds, first come first serve.  And yet I was bombarded by the dumbest questions!  And people obviously do not read.

Item for sale:  Mirror.  $20.  25.5″x21.5″  Location: zip code+general area noted.  Multiple pictures included.
Questions received:  Is this square or rectangle?  (Seriously…)  How much is it?  What size is it?  Where are you located?  Can I Paypal you?  Can you meet me “insert town over an hour away”?

Item for sale: Kids bed – frame/headboard only, no mattress or boxspring included.  $25  Twin size.  Location: zip code+general area noted.  Pics included.
Questions received:  What size is this?  Is it a full size?  Does it have a box spring?  Is the mattress included?  Where are you located?  How much do you want?   I get paid next Friday, can you hold it?

I wish I could screenshot my inbox for you. It’s unbelievable. After sorting through all my messages, and dealing with endless already answered questions, I confirmed pick ups for every single item I listed. Want to guess how many people showed up that confirmed?


A big, fat zero. Not a single person showed up at our agreed upon time/place. Not even the ones that were to pick up at my home. I find this incredibly tacky, rude, and a plethora of other unkind words I’ll refrain from using here. I was nice and followed up with people via their messages. Three people blocked me?! And the rest read them and just didn’t respond.  😦

What a complete waste of time. On the plus side, these items are sorted, cleaned, and stored in the garage, so it’ll be easy to set up for a yard sale when the weather is warmer.  I hope your weekends were more successful!

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3 Responses to Trying to Avoid a Yard Sale = Fail

  1. OneFamily says:

    While I dislike yard sales, too, I have found Craigslist (or other online avenues) to be even more annoying and end up taking more time than a one day yard sale. Just like you said, question after question and then don’t show up. People are strange (or just dumb)! Ebay has dumb questions too. I’ve gotten to the point where I just take it to Goodwill or Salvation Army, get the receipt for tax purposes. Tax value for my items tends to be more than I could have sold it for, and a little tax credit is better than nothing.


    • I honestly thing it’s a tie between too lazy to read and just dumb. Quite sad! We’ll try a yard sale when the weather warms up, and anything left over will be hauled off for donation! You’re right, a little tax credit is better than nothing. 🙂


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