A Surprise Lien

The time has come to finally sell off our old vehicles!  Perfect timing with tax refunds rolling in.  We cleared them out and cleaned them up.  Next I had to find the titles.  We moved several months ago, every thing from my office is still boxed up.  I went through box after box, file after file, couldn’t find the titles.

No big deal!  We can request a new copy at the local tag office for $10 and have it within 7 business days.  So that’s what we did this week.  We were able to get the 1999’s title just fine, but not the 2004.  There’s a lien on the title!!  For a vehicle we paid cash, in full, for in 2014!!!  The lien is held by the dealership we purchased the car from.  This is the car that will bring the most money, so I’m furious.

Thinking back, we’re not sure we ever received a title to begin with.  I remember after buying the vehicle, we had trouble getting the registration completed.  It was suppose to be sent to us within 30 days.  After 60 days they had to “investigate” and get us additional paperwork (meanwhile we kept being pulled over for our temp tag.)  Basically the dealership failed to file the paperwork properly with the state DMV.

(Another note about this transaction:  We were looking at private owner sales, not dealerships.  A guy posted this car, we met at his home near us, test drove, loved it.  Said we wanted to buy and he surprised us with it being a dealership vehicle.  We had to drive over an hour to the dealership and ended up paying tons of extra fees and taxes.  Red flags people, pay attention.)

Friday we tracked down the dealership and called.  Left a voicemail.  Called secondary number, no answer.  Emailed through website, it bounced back.  I wasn’t feeling good about them not answering the phone at 10am or 1:30pm on a week day, and emails bouncing.  At 6pm the following day, we finally received a call back.  They have “no idea” what the problem is, but will go to our counties tag office next Tuesday to get the details.  I thought this was odd, since this dealership is an hour and a half away, but they’ll make the trek to our local office???

In the meantime I’m unpacking boxes trying to find the sales paperwork from this purchase, just in case, and I find the title for the 1999 vehicle.  Of course!!  Isn’t that how it always works out…

Hopefully it’s all resolved on Tuesday.  All we need is a lien release.  There’s no reason for a lien to be on a vehicle that was paid for in cash.  They don’t need to go to our local tag office, they can just send us a lien release.  Idiots.

Hopefully this $3,000+ delay is resolved quickly!  One of my biggest pet peeves is people who don’t do their jobs, especially involving paperwork.

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4 Responses to A Surprise Lien

  1. Hope you get this resolved quickly. I’d be anything but happy with this dealership.


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