Woohoo! Damnit.


Old set.

Woohoo! We sold our ‘old’ washer and dryer set!  $700.00 cash.  I was originally asking $850 for the set, but after nearly two weeks with little interest, I lowered it to $800.  Eventually a sweet little old lady messaged me asking if I’d accept $600.  We settled on $700.  She arrived promptly the next morning with her husband and were thrilled with their new machines.

And damnit. Of course the second I sell the machines, my phone blows up with people asking to purchase at the $850 price I set originally!  (I guess the fb marketplace doesn’t edit price in each group.)  Within hours of selling for $700, I had to let six different people know that they were already sold.

I would have liked that extra $150, but we still made out well.

  • New Set: $400 paid
  • Old Set: $700 sold
  • Profit: $300

No complaints!  And it looks like we’ll have at least one credit card paid off this month!


New set!

Plus, I must say, I have never been so excited and happy over appliances in my life, but I am in love with this set!  It is the best set I have ever owned!  I was able to fit our king size bedding, plus twin bedding, all in one load.  It’s incredible!!  I’m doing fewer loads of laundry each week thanks to the larger size loads I can do.  I’ll never go back to a front loading set ever again.  No more annoying rubber ring that eats socks and easily mildews!

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4 Responses to Woohoo! Damnit.

  1. Even though you didn’t get your top asking price, I’d say you still did VERY well. And to add to that, think about how happy you made that sweet little old lady feel! Win Win!


  2. OneFamily says:

    sounds like you did great getting that new set for such a steal – right time at the right place! My next set I want to make sure is large enough for king sized stuff


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