Car Updates – Selling, Buying, Lien…

One of our main goals for 2017 is selling 3 vehicles and purchasing 1 newer, more reliable vehicle for DH.  We went to the county office to request replacements for 2 of the cars titles.  While there we discovered one has a surprise lien from the dealership.  The other one was no problem, and we received the replacement in the mail on Saturday.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks handling these issues, but I’ve got some good updates!

Lien Update

As for the vehicle with the lien, we played phone tag for several days, and finally the dealership owner stated he would handle it the following week.  Of course we had to call and leave a voicemail for a follow-up.  Another guy called back and said the owner was out of town for a couple weeks (nice!), but had supposedly “handled it” and that we should receive the title in the mail within 8-10 business days.  Honestly, I’m not feeling great about that, but we’re waiting the full 10 business days.  Our other vehicle title arrived within 4 business days.  It’s now been 7 business days since this lien problem was “resolved” – hmm….

For Sale!

The other vehicle is almost good to go.  We have a mobile car wash guy coming on Wednesday to clean the interior and exterior and get it nice and shiny.  That’s $24.95 – a bargain if you ask me!  DH had to get a “cheap” CD player for the car, because he wanted to keep his fancy one he originally installed when he bought the car.  That cost us about $50 at Wal-Mart.  That’s $75 dumped into a car we’re about to sell.

After looking at local comps, we should be able to list it for $3500, with a goal of getting no less than $2500.  A price we’re both comfortable accepting.  DH paid $3200 for it about a year ago.  A years worth of driving plus depreciation, I’d say we’re doing well with the sale.  Assuming it sells, which it definitely should!

We Have a Buyer!

On the 3rd vehicle, we already have a buyer lined up.  I mentioned this is the car we helped a relative purchase awhile ago.  He never paid us back, then it was impounded when he was pulled over for DUI.  We are $440 in the hole on this car – he owed us $250 on the purchase price loan, and $190 in impound fee’s.  It’s a bucket.  Our expectations were $750 on the high side, with a worst case scenario of $400.

Ends up, we already have a buyer!  For $500.  One of DH’s co-workers wants to buy it and fix it up.  Works for us!  We’re just waiting on the replacement title (which relative had to request and just did today!), and then it’s all his.

Taking Precautions

counterfeitpensAll vehicle sales are by private owner (us) and cash only.  To protect ourselves we’ll meet in a public location (even though our address info is on the titles lol), and I went ahead and purchased this $8.99 5pk counterfeit money detector pens on Amazon.  They’ll be here Thursday, just in time.  Better safe than sorry with all the crooks roaming the streets these days.  Never ever accept checks or money orders.  No payment plans (yes, people ask!) and no holds/deposits.  First come, first serve.  Cash, due in full, period!

Also, all vehicles are sold as-is with no expressed nor implied warranties.  I have a bill of sale typed up and ready to print for each vehicle.  Always print 2 copies – buyer and seller must fill out and sign both copies.  You each keep one for your records.  Can you tell it’s not my first time doing this?  🙂

Buying a Truck

Yep, there’s an update to this.  DH found a truck!!  I’ll have a post up about this as soon as every thing is 100%.  Once again – cash is not king – so it was an interesting experience.

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  1. OneFamily says:

    what a great idea on the counterfeit detector pens! I would never have thought of that.


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