5 Things Friday – All Good Things!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!  

Continuing with the five on Friday theme….

1. We received a lien release in the mail yesterday!  I just got back from the registration office to request the title.  Another 7-10 business days, and we should be able to list that car for sale.  Woohoo!  Instead of $8 like the other title replacement, we had to pay $28 since it was considered a “transfer”, which is bs.  We already paid for that when we purchased the car in cash two years ago.  But it’s not worth the hassle at this point.

2. IMG_6165DH came across a great deal on dish detergent pods.  I have only tried pods in a dishwasher a few times at our old house.  I wasn’t a fan, because they never fully dissolved.  Happy to report we have much better water pressure here, and the pods dissolved perfectly.  DH scored nine boxes of Cascade pods for less than $10 total – clearance at a local hardware store!  With 39 pods per box, we’re set for a long time on dish detergent!

3. Paid off 2 credit cards this week!!  YAY!!!!!!

4. DH is officially a truck owner as of today.  I’ll have the details next week.  Waiting for our online account to be completely set up.  Yes, we financed.  By financing we saved thousands – stay tuned.

5. It’s payday!  Not only that, but this pay period included a quarterly bonus!  Woohoo!  Taxes ate up more than half of it, lol, but a little extra is always appreciated!

EDIT:  #6 – We have someone coming to look at the car we have listed for sale tonight.  Fingers crossed!!  Glad my counterfeit pens from Amazon arrived already!

Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to 5 Things Friday – All Good Things!

  1. Michelle says:

    Way to go on paying off those credit cards!!! Woohoo!!


  2. I was just coming over to your blog to let you know that your comments did indeed end up as spam. Not sure why that happened, but my apologies! I’ve since approved them and appreciate you taking the time to comment!
    Happy to hear that you got that title without too many more difficulties. Sometimes haggling isn’t worth the trouble. Wow, that was quite the score on that cascade! Woo hoo! Congrats on getting those credit cards paid off. I see a bigger snowball in your near future! Looking forward to hearing all the details of your hubby’s new set of wheels.


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