An Eventful Weekend

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Ours was quite productive…

We sold our car to the first person that showed up and for full asking price!  $3,000.00!!  One down, two to go.  Just need those titles…

In the morning I called our auto insurance company to remove the vehicle we sold from our policy. The rep informed me that since the license plate is still showing as registered to us, he cannot remove it from our policy!? Well we haven’t received the paperwork in the mail yet to transfer the tag to the new truck. Basically if we do not transfer or surrender the tag to the local DMV office, we’ll be fined by the DMV, and stuck paying insurance on a vehicle we no longer own. It’s insanity. What a stupid new law. DH is going to the DMV office tomorrow to get it situated. I don’t want to pay $77/mo on a car we’ve sold!!!

Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning the house. We hosted a dinner and game night for friends. Had a good time, and it didn’t cost us a dime!

On the way home from dinner with family, DS1 began throwing up all over the new truck. It was horrible. It was everywhere. DH dropped us off, bathed the kid, and took off to the local car wash to steam clean the truck out before he had to leave for work.

When DH arrived at work, his cellphone began blowing up with alert texts from Capital One. Then a phone call. His credit card – the one I just paid off – was hacked!! Several thousands of dollars charged to various places online. That credit card is now cut up and being replaced. Glad Capital One caught it!

Definitely an eventful weekend.  Now I’m off to the pediatricians office to figure out what this ongoing mystery illness my six year old has been battling for weeks is.

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2 Responses to An Eventful Weekend

  1. Lucy says:

    Congrats on getting that car sold! Hope your son is feeling better.


  2. OneFamily says:

    That’s great you sold the car. I can’t believe you can’t drop the insurance on it! So what if you wanted to change insurance companies or just store the car and not have insurance? Strange! We had DH’s pick up stored and not driven for awhile (it’s paid off) and I dropped the insurance completely during that time. Hopefully you’ll get it all straightened out soon. I wouldn’t want to pay that either.


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