Terrible Week

This week has been awful.  I’m stressed out and just…feeling defeated.  The car sale transaction has turned into a nightmare buyer situation.

The lady began harassing us via text on Tuesday about the check engine light coming on.  Mind you, this is an as-is no warranty private sale, and she even had it checked out before buying.  The car passed two inspections.

Apparently there was an issue with the gas tank having a hole.  We weren’t aware of this, nor did we ever experience any problems relating to it.  Legally – it’s not our problem.  She bought it 5 days before, how do we know that SHE didn’t cause the damage to the gas tank?????

She wouldn’t let up.  DH went to the shop, got them to drop it $100, and paid for the repair in full.  $700 loss.  I am beyond angry over this.  Had that woman come to us kindly, maybe I’d feel better, but to go off the way she did…she didn’t deserve a dime of help for repairs in my opinion.

We have two more cars to sell.  I am stressed out over that.  I am so sick and tired of being screwed over by nasty people.  Sick and tired.  I could cry.

That’s not even the worst of the week.  To top it off, while those bitchy texts were going on, my six year old was hospitalized.  Yeah, that mystery illness ended up being quite serious.  He was admitted and on IVs for hours.  He’s still not 100%, and after a follow-up appointment today, if he doesn’t start holding down fluids again, he’ll be re-admitted to the hospital.

Then after coming home from that appointment, my two year old is vomiting, and showing signs of the same infection DS1 has.  Ahhhh!!!

So far medical costs have been:

  • $40.00 – Pediatrician Co-Pay
  • $250.00 – ER Co-Pay
  • $40.00 – Pediatrician Follow-Up Co-Pay
  • $41.00 – Prescriptions
  • $35.00 – Popsicles, Gatorade, etc.  (Trying things to get him to eat/drink!)
  • One Day of Pay – DH had to call in for his Monday night shift.

Our health insurance plan sucks and we’re responsible for 40% after our deductible is met.  Our deductible is $14,100.  I am scared of the bills we’ll receive for this.  That $700 from the car could have been rightly used towards this.

Just need to breathe.

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13 Responses to Terrible Week

  1. OneFamily says:

    omg! that is awful. I hope your kids are on the mend, so scary. I don’t think I would have paid for the car repairs, that lady is lucky you guys are so nice!


  2. Three to Free says:

    Oh goodness! I am so sad to hear that! Hope your son feels better soon. The deductible on your insurance plan sounds horrendous!!! You’re right – the $700 would have been very handy and you were under no obligation to fix it. You really did a very decent thing in fixing it for them, and they ought to have been more graceful and kind about it!

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  3. Lucy says:

    I am so sorry you’ve had such a lousy week. That woman sounds horrible. You most certainly went above and beyond for a car being sold as-is. Not so sure I would have been so kind. Try not to stress about the medical bills. Priority #1 is getting your kiddos healthy again. Hugs.


  4. DebtGirl says:

    That sounds like the week from hell! I hope the boys are better soon!
    My kid got sick a week ir so ago, but not like that and I am so sorry!
    They will bounce back soon.
    Yes, that lady took advantage of your kindness. That happened to me with my last
    Laptop, sold it for 50, he called and complained so I gave him back 25! Gah!
    Farmers markets are a rip! People are so full if crap! The lady opened up a dozen eggs
    And proclaimed how “beautiful” they were. They.are.eggs! The srawberrys were bland and people were saying how nice they were!!!! Like really? I guess they have to
    Feel good about getting reamed! Even the hierloons tom did not smell good.
    What a rip! 💗❤️🌺 Xoxo things will get better right?!?


    • Thank you DebtGirl! Yes, week from hell is a perfect description. They are on the mend now, just taking it easy. The entire car repair situation makes me think twice about selling items and dealing with people again, that’s for sure. I don’t trust people!

      Yes, farmer’s markets are ridiculous. I wish I could manage a garden and get some chickens. “Beautiful” eggs – LOL. They’re eggs!! Oh my, too funny, but I agree!


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