Weekend Recap

Thank you all for the comments on my terrible week post.  I appreciate it.  I managed to stay busy this weekend and not let the bad things continue to stress me out.

  • The kids are both on the mend.  After a bit of a battle, DS1 finally began drinking some gatorade, and we were able to avoid being admitted to the hospital a second time.
  • DH and I were able to get out for a bit.  Attended a local festival and on a whim, we went to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – which was well casted.  Dinner out with a friend afterwards.
  • Sold the second car.  This was the clunker.  $500.  As-is, no warranty, NO REPAIRS AFTER THE FACT!!!!!!!!!!  Two down, one to go.  Still no title on the 3rd…

Other than those highlights, just the same old routine getting ready to start another week.  Laundry, dishes, uniforms, etc.  I finally received our new auto loan documents in the mail.  Once I get that account set up, I can post exact numbers.  Strange having a car payment again….!

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One Response to Weekend Recap

  1. Lucy says:

    Awesome to get the second vehicle sold! Woo hoo!


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