3 Credit Card Annoyances


A couple weeks ago, Capital One alerted DH to some suspicious charges on his credit card.  The credit card we paid off.  Every thing was canceled, and Capital One sent a new card.  I noticed a couple of the charges were not removed, and we were showing a balance owed.  DH called and discovered that the charges were actually for subscription services.  How sneaky is this…it’s listed as a restaurant name, but with numbers.

Example:  McDonalds44033.com (not exact one)

But on your statement it just says McDonalds 44033, which most people would assume may be a store number or something.  Anyone who may eat a lot of McDonalds might not notice these charges.  They are small, but repetitive.  Just another sleazy way hackers steal your money.

Anyway, Capital One took care of those last couple of charges.  Back to a $0 balance.


I attempted to login to my store credit card account and it wouldn’t let me.  It was asking for all sorts of information, and deemed none of my answers valid.  I called customer service and discovered someone hacked into my online account and changed my information.  What the hell?  I’ve never had a card for this store, it was a credit account set up in-store, and rarely used.  When I do need to use it, I just get a temp card print-out while in-store.

Customer service was unable to give me the information over the phone that I need to get my account back up.  Now I have to wait for them to mail me further instructions.  Great.  No charges were made, it was just my payment account information that was altered.  Hopefully the information I need arrives before the next payment is due.


Finally, my primary credit card, also Capital One, decided to increase my interest rate.  From 15.9%, which is already too high, to 19.8%.  Ummmm, no??  I called as soon as I got my alert about the increase.  They gave me some excuse about how all rates are being increased.  I wouldn’t accept that.

After some back and forth, they agreed to lower it back to 15.9% for a “promotional period” of seven months.  Unbelievable.

So many reasons to just get rid of credit cards one and for all!!

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5 Responses to 3 Credit Card Annoyances

  1. Lucy says:

    Ouch and like you said, so many reasons just to get rid of credit cards once and for all!


  2. I can definitely understand the frustration. Although I do really like the protection that comes with a credit card. Much better that a crook use my credit card than clear out my debit card 🙂


  3. Amanda @ My Life, I Guess says:

    I never really used to have any issues with credit cards, mostly because I barely used them. But over the last year, I’ve had nothing but issues. In June of last year, a month before my wedding, my credit card double charged me for our venue rental. That was a huge pain to get fixed, and I spent so much time back and forth on the phone with the bank and with the venue coordinator until we finally figured it out. Then at work, my purchasing card was hacked and the bank canceled my card without telling me. I worked in the purchasing department at the time, so not having an active credit card meant I couldn’t do my job. And then they wanted us to pay sometime like $75 to have a new card “rushed”. Ugh, no! YOU canceled my card, YOU send me a new one right away!
    If nothing else, it’s made me want to pay my credit card off and hide it in a drawer somewhere.


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