Unexpected Repairs

What a waste of a spring break.  DH ended up with the mystery plague that landed our six year old in the hospital a couple weeks ago.  Then we had some of the scariest weather we’ve ever encountered.  Now I’m sick!!  That’s not even the worst part….

The new (to us) truck cost us a pretty penny this week.  DH took it in for routine maintenance.  We budgeted the $225 for this visit, which included an oil change, air filter and cabin filter replacement, fluids checked and topped off, and tires being rotated.  What we did not budget for was a battery replacement and axle replacement.

A few hours after dropping the truck off, they called to say the battery wasn’t fully charging, the right axle seal had a leak, and the right axle was severely worn.  Would we like them to fix it?

Cost: $699 for axle only, $100 battery…

I mean really.  Could we not have enjoyed a new-to-us vehicle a little longer than a month before needing something so costly done to it!!

I mentioned in my March debt update that I had set aside the $2500 from the sale of our two vehicles.  I did this just in case we had anymore buyer problems.  Thankfully we never heard another word from that psycho buyer.

Anyway, I forgot all about the cash stash from the car sales and was panicking about having to touch savings.  Thank goodness DH remembered.  We didn’t have to hit any of our accounts and paid for the repairs in full with cash!

  • $225 – Maintenance
  • $100 – Battery
  • $699 – Axle + Seal + Labor
  • $1,024.00 – TOTAL  ouch 😦

Other than that the truck checked out perfectly!  So here’s to hoping no more costly repairs in the near future.

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5 Responses to Unexpected Repairs

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank goodness you had the cash cushion and did not have to go into debt or touch your savings!!


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