The Job Hunt

I did it.  I applied for two jobs within the last week!  This is huge for me.

I worked for the same company for over a decade before it closed.  Since then I’ve been a stay at home mom, which is nice, but difficult.  I definitely feel like there’s something “missing” since not working.  I am fortunate to be able to stay home, but a part of me longs to be a monetary provider again.  Plus…adult interaction, please.

A few months ago, a position opened up with our county that I qualify for.  I had to wait to apply, because DH’s job changed and his schedule shifted to nights.  I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out, but we’ve found our groove now.

I applied for the county job last week.  On their horrible, slow, outdated, highly inefficient, typical government website.  It literally took three hours to load seven pages during the process.  But I did it!  Today I received a confirmation email that they were reviewing my resume and application, and noted that they would officially be hiring for the position “within the next 3-6 months”…

That pushed me to apply for another job.  Except this is an at-home position with Amazon!  I’ve had it bookmarked for a couple of weeks, but was waiting to hear about the county job first.  Since there is a significant hiring delay, I figured why not.

I passed the assessment tests and virtual job tryout.  Now they’ll review my results and get back to me at some point.  At least with Amazon I can log in and check the status of my application, unlike the county job.

I’m excited.  The county job is $15 per hour.  The Amazon job starts at $10 per hour during training, then $12 after that.  Granted neither job has the best pay, but this is supplemental income for us.  Part will go to childcare, the rest towards debt pay off.   Both jobs are part-time, which is what I need, since my youngest still requires a lot of doctor and specialist appointments.

Wish me luck!  This was a big step for me, as my anxiety tends to prevent me from getting this far in any type of application process.  I am determined.  I want to contribute and I want to fill this “hole” that being a SAHM has created for me.

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5 Responses to The Job Hunt

  1. Lucy says:

    Good for you! Hope you get the job. I work part time from home and love it!


  2. Kyle says:

    That’s awesome! What’s the position at Amazon? I didn’t know they had work-from-home jobs, that would be great for someone like you with little ones running around.


  3. Patti Coleman says:

    Way to go! Fingers crossed


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