Priceline (Agoda) Annoyance

Let me share my wonderful experience with Priceline!  I booked our hotel (for our upcoming road trip) on April 13th.  Including taxes and fees, my total was $159.12.  This is the amount I agree to and paid for in full using my credit card.  Receipt proof:

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.13.21 PM

While paying bills I noticed I was charged $174.10 by Priceline.  I immediately hopped on live chat to inquire about the discrepancy.   ‘Albert’ joined the chat and took 15 minutes to tell me that he see’s the discrepancy, but it’s not Priceline’s problem.  Instead I have to call their partner, Agoda.  Agoda customer service is open 24/7 at a long distance phone number – no toll free.

I called Agoda six times.  Six times I was immediately disconnected when I selected ‘3’ for payment problems.  Seventh time was a charm and someone answered.  I could barely understand her, but she argued about the pricing.  Here is my exchange with Agoda:

“I see we charge $174.10, which is correct price.”

I have my receipt and confirmation pages right here in front of me.  My total is $159.12.  I was overcharged $14.98.

“Well what do you advise is problem?”

I was overcharged for my hotel reservation.

“I see with tax and fee this price is correct.”

Then why does my online Priceline account and my email confirmation clearly show that I agreed to and paid in full the amount of $159.12?

“In good faith we refund $15 US dollar.  Is this ok?”

The difference in $14.98 US dollar, I would appreciate the refund, thank you.

“I in good faith request no proof from you and will refund the $15 US dollar even though billing amount was correct.”

I received an email from Agoda about the refund before I was off the call.  We’ll see if/when it hits my credit card.  “PLEASE ALLOW 30 BUSINESS DAYS FOR REFUNDS!”

I’m annoyed that a) I had to go through a Partner instead of Priceline for a refund and b) Agoda rep repeatedly insisting I was wrong and refusing to look into the charge.  I’d like to know what the discrepancy was?!  I went back and double checked taxes and fees and in no order can I get to a total of $174.10.  I asked a few more times to clarify the breakdown of the order, but she just kept repeating her good faith refund offer.

Anyway, just a reminder to always check your statements.  🙂  Mistakes happen, even if companies refuse to admit it lol.  I realize it’s only $14.98, but that’s $14.98 I can put towards meals or activities, and it wasn’t the amount I agreed on!

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2 Responses to Priceline (Agoda) Annoyance

  1. OneFamily says:

    That would be totally annoying! You should also follow up again with Priceline and put in a complaint about the 3rd party they are using. What a scam. I’ll bet tons of people don’t realize they got overcharged a little


  2. Lucy says:

    I agree with One Family. I’d be filing a complaint with Priceline. I’m sure there are tons of people who don’t pay any attention to what they are actually charged or simply don’t want the hassle involved with getting their money back. Glad you persevered and hopefully they make good on their word.


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