Weekend Recap

It has not been a great weekend. I’ll start with the absolute worst thing ever and end with some halfway good news…


Our family suffered the devastating loss of our beloved family dog, a 6lb Chihuahua we’ve had for 5 years. The sweetest, most lovable dog you’d ever meet. He had the best personality, unlike any Chihuahua we’ve ever met! Tragically he was snatched by a coyote in our backyard Friday night. A coyote!! It was horrific. We tried to get to him, but it was dark, the brush was thick, and I knew. I just knew after that one last yelp, he was gone. 😦  I want to insert an image of our little guy, but…anonymity….sigh.  The kids are devastated.  Not much else to say about this.


Capital One increased DH’s credit card interest rate from 14.9% to 20.55%. It was already high, but that’s a crazy increase! He called and was able to get it lowered to 16.6%. I’m not happy about this at all. This damn card has the highest balance, so we need to get it paid off asap. I’ve waffled with the idea of using savings. But I’m scared to touch the cash. Someone kick some sense into me please.

Also, the rental property. Not getting sold this year. I’ve been watching the market in the area of that property and it’s just not moving. We missed our chance, which is January-March. Those months were HOT for sales, now it’s stagnant.  I confirmed this with our realtor friends.  On top of that our renter (a relative) has requested to stay put through winter. And so that’s the new plan. That will give us time in cooler weather to work on repairs vs 100 degree summer months, and then get it listed in early spring 2018. Not sure how I feel about this. Ambivalent I suppose.


IMG_6786My application for Amazon was accepted and I was moved into the second phase of hiring! Unfortunately I didn’t see this email until much later Friday night. We were out running errands and then the dog incident. 😦 As a result I missed all of the appointment times.  They filled up so fast.  😦  It says they will add more, but I don’t know when or how long it may be.  I hope soon.  I already went and bought an ethernet cable long enough for my office.

I’m hoping they post new appointment times this week.  I am ready.  I am all prepared to work.  I am excited.  I am determined.  I want to earn that measly $10 per hour, because it’s $10 more per hour than I am making right now.  Please Amazon, please please open more time slots.

I hope all of you had a much, much better weekend!!

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5 Responses to Weekend Recap

  1. Lucy says:

    Oh my, that is awful news about your poor dog. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must have felt.

    I’m giving you the kick to pay off that credit card! That is an insane amount of interest to pay, especially when you have the funds to pay it off!

    Fingers crossed for Amazon. Your perspective is right. While it may not be a high wage, it is still more than you are earning now. I live in an area where wages are suppressed and have had to remind myself of the very same thing. Shortly after we moved to our new location, I looked into some nursing jobs. Average wages were $10+ less per hour than what I had been earning at the job I left. I was fortunate to find/negotiate a (very) part time job and also a seasonal position that pays as much as what I’d earn working as a nurse.


  2. OneFamily says:

    Your poor little dog – that must have been so heartbreaking. Good luck on the Amazon job!


  3. OMG, that is terrible about your dog. I am so sorry. I am always referring to my area as the Santa Cruz of The Lost Boys movie (Kiefer Sutherland) – we are in coyote territory. I lost my 2 cats to it when I first moved here. saw the coyote walking by the fence confirming the loss. 😦

    I do hope Amazon opens up. that sounds like a great opportunity to do from home. Crossing fingers more slots open up!


  4. Barrayaran says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your dog. That’s just horrible.


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