So much for that Amazon gig.

“Thank you for your interest in the work from home customer service associate position with Amazon. Currently, we do not have any Hiring Event appointments available. Positions are filled.
Amazon Recruitment Team”

Beyond disappointed.  I literally logged in less than 2 hours after receiving the original email and all appointments were filled.   On a Friday night.  Seriously?  Survival of the quickest it seems.

Another letdown.

Time to return that $35 ethernet cable I bought.

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7 Responses to Disappointment

  1. Amanda @ My Life, I Guess says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this! That really does seem like a flawed way to recruit potential employees…


  2. Hmmm…. I say hang onto the Ethernet cable and keep applying. I have a feeling the cycle is continuous and will come available again soon. Keep checking. Just a hunch.

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  3. OneFamily says:

    That is disappointing. Too bad you missed the first appointments. I agree with above comment, I’ll bet they will have more in the future, just keep checking back with them.

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  4. Lucy says:

    I also agree about keeping the cable. If not Amazon, you’ll find something else!


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