The Woes of Homeownership

Oh I’m so mad.  I typed up this entire post and it disappeared, only saving a blank page.  Thanks a lot WordPress.  Certainly didn’t help my mood tonight!

This week is not off to a good start!  We have the worst luck.  We always have, and I feel like we always will.  It’s as if we really pissed someone off in a past life or something.  It never ends!  Every time we start to get ahead, shit happens, and we get knocked back down.  Exhausting!

The Roof

A few weeks ago a roofing contractor was driving past our home and noticed damage. He was in the neighborhood to give another homeowner a quote on their roof. We’ve had some bad weather over the last month, including hail, and it’s done a number on our roof. We kept his card and figured we’d look into it later. Then the bee’s happened.

Since we’ll be needing roof repair anyway, we decided to go ahead and get an estimate. They came out to do an estimate, but cut it short due to a swarm of honey bee’s. The guy said he’d be back after the bee’s were removed to complete the quote.  He implied we’ll be needing our entire roof replaced.

Our insurance deductible is a flat $1,000, which is awesome.  I’m so glad I switched insurance carriers, our previous deductible was $2,500 + a percentage with State Farm – OUCH!  Not sure what the actual costs will be yet, but at least homeowner’s insurance will cover the roof. They will not however cover any damage or repairs related to the damn bee’s. Speaking of the bee’s…

The Bee’s


Tree in our front yard!

We have a honey bee infestation. In our roof. A gigantic honey bee hive – IN OUR ROOF! They are swarming all over our house. In fact the hive has outgrown it’s current roof location, and a batch of bee’s have taken up place in a tree out front. After spending hours trying to find someone to extract the bee’s, we managed to find a guy willing to do it next week. While it’s not illegal to kill the honey bee’s, most places refuse to do so. Which is fine, I know they’re relatively harmless, and important for the earth, so I’m a supporter of extraction – a QUICK extraction.

This will cost $125 to extract, $150 to rent a lift, and $$$$??? to repair the roof afterwards, because he doesn’t do that. Imagine walking out your from door, anytime between dawn and dusk, and into a swarm of bee’s. All day, every day. Add in having a special needs child with severe allergies, and you’ve got a potential dangerous situation on your hands.

When DH pulled down the attic stairs to go replace the air filter, hundreds of dead bee’s fell from above. We have spray foam insulation in the attic, but these bee’s are managing to get inside. Oh, and speaking of the air filter…

The AC

Last weekend we had a power outage throughout town. It was about an hour long blackout, but eventually all things came back on with no issues. Or so we though. My MIL lives in our basement apartment, and noticed a buzzing coming from the electrical panel. She had an electrician out last night who replaced a breaker and said the problem was our upstairs AC unit. He advised us to leave it off until we get it looked at.

Of course this happens at 6:30pm on a Tuesday night when it’s 85 degrees out and humid as hell. We would roast in this house without AC! DH managed to get ahold of the guy we used to replace our last AC unit (last year, only 6 months after living here – $5k!) The guy arrived within 45 minutes!

Just like our last unit he found the lines running from the house to the unit were too small and not up to code. We had to get this redone with our last unit replacement. I’d like to know why this isn’t an indicated issue in our home inspection report!! Anyway, ends up we needed a new capacitor.

$450 later, the AC was back up and running. The guy said he wouldn’t bother having the lines redone until we replace the entire unit. It would be cheaper to do it all together than individually.

There is no question that $450 is better than $5k+ to replace the entire unit and lines, but it’s still a painful expense. This is what an emergency fund is for though and I’m thankful we had the means to pay for it in cash versus credit.

Fingers crossed nothing else pops up this week!

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7 Responses to The Woes of Homeownership

  1. Lucy says:

    Wow, at first glance I thought that that picture of the hive was a stock photo. Any idea of how lucrative a honey business might be? Just trying to think outside the box!
    Sorry about your a/c troubles. If this was the same person who installed the unit, why wasn’t it done right in the first place?


    • Hi Lucy! The AC guy replaced a different unit. Our house has 3. We fully replaced 1 and he did fix the lines, the other 2 are the same ones from when we bought the house. 🙂 Honey is quite lucrative, but we have no interest in going into that business with two kids severely allergic to bee stings. When I posted on a local page for help, I was shocked at the amount of people fighting to get the bee’s! Obviously a money maker!

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  2. Jen says:

    When I saw your photo I said, “OH heck no!” I’m sorry… I’ve been in your shoes (not bees, but home issues in general). I’d be cautious with the roofer driving through the neighborhood.


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  4. dawnwairimu says:

    Goodness, so many bees! I wonder why they picked that particular spot. Sorry to hear of all these expenses, homeownership can be a real beast :/


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