Bye Bye Bees! I hope.

Bee removal week is here.  It has not been as easy as we were told it would be.  Nor as cheap as expected.   And now we can’t get roofing companies to return our calls to come fix our roof, and we’re due for storms this weekend.  Wonderful!

And by the way, these pictures do not do it justice.  The hive was enormous.  It appears to be 4-5 years old!!!  We have lived here just over a year.  Makes you wonder if the previous owners purposely failed to disclose.  No proof though.  I had to take the pictures from about 200 feet away with my iPhone, terrible quality…

There are still some bees leftover, but apparently that’s normal.  It should take 3-5 days for the rest of them to disperse.  Then we can repair the area.  No clue on the cost of that.

Hopefully roofing folks call us tomorrow – we called nine companies on Monday….!  Why is it so difficult to find people who want to do their jobs?  We’re trying to hire and pay you.  Frustrating.

Once every thing is complete I’ll post about the expenses of it.  Right now I just want the rest of the bee’s to go away already!!  They are mean.  We can’t even use our front door now.  DH was attacked and stung several times already.

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5 Responses to Bye Bye Bees! I hope.

  1. Lucy says:

    Truly mind boggling! That is an old hive! On a side note, what kind of shingles do you have? I like the way they look.


  2. OneFamily says:

    Eeek! wouldn’t a home inspection, when you bought the home, have found that if it’s been there that long?


    • We purchased the house in winter, when the bees are dormant. Late fall throughout winter there is no evidence of bees whatsoever. Come spring though….they can’t be missed! It may have been discovered in the attic if we didn’t have spray foam insulation up there though.


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