Expensive Furniture? Nah!

I love my dining room set. Absolutely love it. It’s a mid century, 1960’s Lane dining room table, chairs, and hutch. It’s beautiful.  I scored it off of Craigslist for $200 total about 10 years ago.  It desperately needs to be refinished, but I didn’t plan on doing that until the kids were older.  It has served us well as a family. The set actually goes for closer to $3,000 in vintage shops!


Not my exact set, but close.  It’s a beauty!

Unfortunately, this dining set is not conducive to entertaining. A few months ago we began hosting game nights on the weekends. Our friends come together at our home to play various games, and enjoy some snacks, and chit chat. It’s a fun, and cheap, way to entertain and enjoy company.

This has taken a toll on my dining room set. A few weeks ago our guests managed to break three of my chairs in one night. THREE!!! I can’t fault my guests entirely, it is an old set after all. But I must admit, I was a bit perturbed by the way they handled it…

“It’s old and rickety, whatever.”
“Time for something better!”
“Now you can get something good and new!”

Thanks…?!  Care to chip in for this “good and new” set you assume I’m going to run out and buy? Ha! (Am I the only one that’s notice a lack of respect for other people’s belongings over the last decade or so? Zero accountability?  Or they find it cute when their kids destroy stuff?)  Also, the table only comfortably sits six people, even with the extension leaf.  We often have ten or more.  Even family get togethers require extra seating, leaving us all squished at the table.  I knew we had to get something larger, eventually.

I didn’t have a set budget in mind.  If we went with new, we’re looking at $1500+.  I wasn’t willing to drop that kind of money.  But the used dining furniture market is all over the place.  $100-$5000 – for similar sets.  Whatever the seller wanted.  It was crazy.

I scoured Craigslist, Ebay (local), and the FB Marketplace on and off for a couple of months.  Seems the newest trend is “farmhouse”.  As you can see by my love of vintage and 60’s, farmhouse is not my style.  Yet the tables were clean cut and large, which I liked.  I wanted a table that could seat 8-10 comfortably, so around 7 feet long.

After multiple failed inquiries to sellers, we finally hit the jackpot.  I have to credit the seller for poor keywords and description.  Without his terrible ad, I would have never been able to score this deal.  “brown tabel 8 chair” – Yep.  That was the title AND description.  Misspelled, no information.  LOL!  I took a chance and texted the number for details.

  • Table – Restoration Hardware, 2 years old, 8 feet long by 45 inches wide.  HUGE!
  • Chairs – 4 cherry wood from Pottery Barn, 4 parsons from Pier 1 with Pottery Barn slipcovers!!
  • Asking price?  $275.

Holy crap.  Do you know how expensive that stuff is???  The guy went into detail about how he’s getting divorced and just moved into a new apartment and the set was too large.

If we purchased these items new:

  • Parsons Chairs @ $99.95/ea x 4 = $399.80
  • Pottery Barn Wood Chairs @ $299.00/ea x 4 = $1196.00
  • Pottery Barn Slipcovers @ $179.00/ea x 4 = $716.00
  • Restorations Hardware Table @ $1895.00
  • Total = $4206.80

Ummm….that would NEVER happen lol.  The catch, of course, is that we had to drive about three hours round trip, through rush hour traffic, load, and unload ourselves.  I nearly killed myself trying to move that table.  It is a solid piece – no extensions – and weighs at least 300lbs.  But we did it.  And we got it all for $250 cash.

These are solid pieces.  The table is a little more rustic than I’d like, but the size is amazing.  I’ll get use to the table.  The chairs on the other hand, we hate.  The Parsons chairs are flaking quite badly (faux leather?) even with the covers on them, and I keep having to vacuum and scrap flakes off the kids feet.  The long term plan is to resell and replace with chairs we like and that fit our style more.  I want something lighter or with color.  No rush to do this though.

I’m thrilled with this find.  Always search for misspelled words people.  There may be a bargain hiding nearby!  Haha.  🙂

I’m not ready to sell my vintage set.  I love it so much.  😦  For now it’s in the storage room.  Maybe we’ll use it in rec space or pass it on to the boys one day.

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11 Responses to Expensive Furniture? Nah!

  1. Lucy says:

    What an awesome deal! Now if you can just get your friends to help pay for it! 🙂


  2. OneFamily says:

    what a deal!! I love the farmhouse look and am hoping I can get DH to build me one, rather than spending $1500-$2000. But I’m still waiting for him to build me the sofa table, LOL…..he did at least go pick up the lumber from a guy down the street last week. So, there’s hope, haha


    • I wish I had the carpentry skills to build my own! I can visualize exactly what I want, but can never find it. It would make life much easier if I could just build it all myself lol.


  3. Okay, I love your old table. Anyway to fix the chairs? and get a table pad for game night? Maybe put some fold out chairs when games are on (or byoCh)


  4. Patti Coleman says:

    What a great deal! Patience wins


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  6. Yes, some people who have been guests and broken things don’t even say “sorry.” One person knew I paid $1 for a lamp and $85 to have it restored and rewired. He made the comment that it only cost me $1 and I could find another. No! I cannot. My wealthy friend who entertained often had the same problem.


    • Oh I hate that type of attitude! We have an issue with friends children being destructive. My son takes care of his toys, but often after they visit, at least one thing is broken. Recently it was his play teepee. I got it on sale at Target, but they’re $90 regularly. Friend will not replace, because “kids are kids”! Had the situation been switched, I would have offered up a replacement immediately!


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