A New Roof

I’m laughing while typing this, because it’s just one thing after another over here lately.  Only one out of nine roofing companies called us back, and this guy isn’t exactly top of the list.  He said “maybe I’ll have time Friday.  Call me and maybe I can fit you in.”  No thanks, I’m tired of wasting our time chasing people to do their jobs.

I put it out on social media that we were looking for a roofing contractor and a few recommendations from friends came in.  One guy came out the same day, another the next.  We’ve narrowed it down to these two contractors.  Waiting on estimates.

Meanwhile, we contacted our homeowners insurance company to get the process rolling.  Thankfully our deductible is “only” a flat $1,000.00 – not bad for a roof, assuming they’ll cover every thing.  You see it’s not just a shingles problem…

One of the contractors is familiar with our neighborhood.  His company replaced about 15 homes roofs in 2008/2009 after major hurricanes came through, causing millions in damages locally.  We didn’t live here then.  Well the homeowners at that time never did anything to repair the roof, just filed a claim, and pocketed the cash.  They sold the home in 2012.  Those owners didn’t do anything to the roof either.  We bought the home at the end of 2015 and yet again, our home inspection report doesn’t mention these problems, only a few “nail pops”.

Ends up we need all new plywood, membrane, boots, flashing, and shingles.  Literally a whole new roof.  Both contractors discovered lots of water damage as well.

We’re waiting to hear back from an adjuster to schedule an appointment for them to come out.  One of the contractors offered to be here when they come out, to verify they see all the damages.  I appreciate that.  I know insurance companies will try their damnedest to pay the absolute bare minimum.

Now we just sit back and wait.  All the while we have the exposed area with a few bees still left.  The bee keeper won’t be returning (just wait for that post, grrr!) and now it’s up to us to get a ladder and handle the remaining honeycomb and spray ammonia and seal it properly.

Always something with this house!  Just gotta laugh…

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2 Responses to A New Roof

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m so sorry you are having such a rough time. Sometimes I wonder if owning a house is worth all of the stress and expenses. Fingers crossed that everything goes well for you.


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