Weekend Recap

Didn’t mean to leave you hanging with the water heater incident yesterday, but it was a doozy of a night.  I figured I’ll just throw all this life bs into one giant recap post, because frankly, I am too damn tired to split it up.

Water Heater
The good news is that the water heater did not blow up!  Unfortunately it was a pipe bursting in the wall that leads to the outside spicket, that we had turned on to fill the pool.  The placement of the pipe was directly behind the water heater and hit an electrical line that caused a spark, and thankfully nothing more.  The water has been cleaned up, and shut off to that area, now we await repair estimates.

The Roof
Our insurance adjuster showed up this morning at 8am. Unexpected. Our appointment was for Friday afternoon. Our contractor was going to meet them out here. I swear this was done on purpose by the insurance company. The “third party” roof inspector showed up shortly thereafter. His main concern was using our bathroom. After about 20 minutes, they come back with pictures, and informed us that our roof is in perfect condition. No signs of storm damage. No signs of any damage that is actually noted in our home inspection. Claim? DENIED. Also, did I mention it’s been storming a lot? So they “inspected” our roof when it was wet. A big no no. And sorry, but I’m not trusting a “third party” inspector that our insurance company hired. Especially when they show up unannounced to seemingly avoid us having our contractor here.

We can appeal it. We’re waiting for an official write up first. If they deny it again, then we’re stuck paying for the roofing damage where the bees were out of pocket. Our roofing contractor is also writing up a separate estimate for that area. It was a disappointing morning.

I also want to add that nearly every roof in our neighborhood has been replaced due to severe storm damage. Wind/hail/the works. How is it that our house was magically spared from these damages? Hmmm.

Allergies & Epi Pens + the Dentist
My youngest had his second round of allergy testing completed today. He’s nearly 2. Insurance didn’t cover our visit, because it would go towards his deductible. An affordable $14,100 deductible (not a typo.) I was quoted $1,368.00, but since he is still under 2, and considered an infant, they could offer a flat rate of $150. It ended up being $176.50, because I requested they test for cat.

His peanut allergy has worsened and as I expected, he’s severely allergic to cats as well. We received a new prescription for the junior Epi Pen’s. CVS told me $680. Our allergist had to resend the prescription to specifically state generic, so tomorrow I’ll go pick that up, no clue on cost yet. I am dreading daycare/school years, because I’ll have to have multiples of these! Peanut allergies are no joke! His whole body swelled during testing. 😦

My oldest went to the dentist for his six month check up.  No cavities!  Yay.  But they’ve requested to apply a sealant to his teeth.  Anyone familiar with this?  The quoted me $69 PER TOOTH.  Yikes!

Other Tidbits
It’s officially summer break! No more early school mornings or homework! We’ve been trying to open our pool for the last month, but the weather has not cooperated. Thunderstorms have been nonstop. Today was no different. While driving home from the doctors appointment, during a particularly nasty rainfall, a branch fell and hit my windshield. Shattered.  I’m assuming $300-$400 to replace that.

While at the grocery store, an older lady asked me if I was my son’s grandmother. I nearly fell out. I’m not quite 35 yet. I can honestly say that is the first time I have ever felt offended! Ha. I mean Wal-Mart still ID’s me for Sharpies and spray paint!

Our road trip is coming up. I think I’m equally parts excited and dreading it. Things haven’t been going great lately. I’m hoping the trip is stress free. I’m still trying to figure out something to do on the way back to break up the drive, but I’m not familiar with the South TN/North GA area.

We received word that my cousin is getting married in the fall of 2018. It will take place out in Texas, which means booking flights, hotel, and rental cars. Basically $$$$$$$$$. Time to start saving for that!!

And that my reader friends is life in a nutshell.  All this bad juju is wearing me down.  Money being spent faster than we make it.  I’m still actively job hunting, but that will be hard with summer.   I really wish Amazon would open more training spots!

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12 Responses to Weekend Recap

  1. Lucy says:

    Pretty sure you win the Crappy Week Award. So sorry. 😦


  2. Sue says:

    Remember, May is ALMOST over!!! And….the woman who asked if you were grandma needs a good pop in the head 🙂


  3. Heather Henry says:

    The sealants are placed on the molars (4 teeth) to help prevent cavities. All of my kids got them and never had a cavity. I know it’s a little pricey, but I would recommend it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good to know! The lady implied it was for all his teeth. That would add up quick. Thank you for the info!


      • Heather says:

        It’s just for the “6 year molars”, the permanent molars that come in around age 6. Most cavities occur on the molars.


      • pvcfree2008 says:

        I would not get the sealants. I had them as a child and every tooth that had them got a cavity and made the teeth weak. Our dentist cannot stand them either. They leave cracks between the sealant and the tooth over time and the bacteria gets underneath. It does not show up on the xrays until it is too late and a very bad cavity ensues because the dentist cannot see the soft tissue at the beginning. I know they are pushed hard, but I am highly against them.


      • Thanks for your input! Definitely worth thinking about. We haven’t decided on what to do just yet and will be looking into in further. I have a horrible history with dental issues and want to avoid any problems for my kids!


      • Heather says:

        Wow, I’ve never heard of anyone having issues with them. The only thing I’ve heard is that you do want to get them as soon as the molars are completely in, before any decay has a chance to begin. Otherwise, you seal in the decay. My oldest is going on 7 years with hers, with no issues. Hopefully they’ll hold up.


  4. Michelle says:

    I hope things start looking up for you soon!


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