Bills, Bills, Bills

Happy Wednesday.  We spent the past weekend at home, spent $0, and it was nice.  Despite that fact that both kids were sick, and they’ve now passed the bug onto me.  Thankfully it seems to be a 24ish hour bug and nothing more.  Which is great, because….

Our road trip is coming up soon!  It will be nice to get away.  I’m working on a budget for meals, and finding something to do to break up the drive home.  I checked the weather and it appears to be thunderstorms the entire time.  Ha!  Good thing we love storms!  It shouldn’t interfere with too much.

After our trip, DH is back to the grind at work, and I have a list of bills/debts/chores/plans to tackle.  The bills for DS1’s hospital trip are starting to trickle in, plus all the latest home repairs.

  • Roof Repair: $750
  • Windshield $260
  • Plumbing: $1390
  • Hospital Bill 1: $895
  • Hospital Bill 2: $120
  • Hospital Bill 3: $58
  • Hospital Bill 4: $65
  • Junior Epi-Pen: $70

Ouch!  We’re having to pull from savings for these expenses, which makes me nauseous, but that’s the point of an emergency fund, right?  I’m happy the roof is finally taken care of.  Not a single company that came out in previous weeks sent their estimate for just the bee damage repair.  None of them wanted the job unless insurance approved a full roof replacement.  How sleazy!  On Monday I sent an email through another company’s website, and he replied that night.  Showed up the next morning to take a look, give a quote, and was back this morning at 8am fixing it!  He was also the most honest person we’ve dealt with.  He said he didn’t think the roof needed to be replaced at all, and the “damage” was minor nail pops.  This after six different companies said we had major damage.  You just can’t trust people these days!

The windshield replacement cost less than I expected, the plumbing cost more than I expected.  Plumbing also doesn’t cover drywall repair, but we’ll do that ourselves.  It won’t be pretty, but it’s in a utility room hidden behind the water heater, so who cares? lol.  If we wanted them to do the drywall it was an extra $375.  No thanks!

Hospital bills…ouch.  And there are more coming for lab work.  I hate our insurance so much!  I’m going to call the Children’s Hospital and ask about a payment plan, or perhaps discount to pay in full.  Even just 5% savings would be nice at this point.

Funny story on the Junior Epi Pen prescription.  CVS told me $680 when I went to pick it up.  They said DS2’s allergist needed to specify ‘generic’ on the prescription in order to get generic.  Doctor took care of it and I went back and it was $70.  Except it wasn’t generic.  It was the same damn name brand Junior Epi Pen.  !!!  What a hassle.

After our trip it’s time to get serious with debt pay off.  I feel behind.  I think I’m in a funk and need the break.  Come back refreshed and ready to take care of business again.  I applied for a job at my son’s school!  Full time isn’t what I was initially going for, but being that it’s on the same schedule he is, it could work out well.  Plus I’m more than ready to put DS2 into daycare.  He is such a hand full these days.

I haven’t had a chance to sit down and go through the numbers for a monthly recap.  I’ll try to squeeze that in this week before we leave, if not I’ll just update my progress page and sidebar later and skip the post.  Honestly, not much to report anyway.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I do want to apologize for the negative vibe my blog has had lately.  Life has been a bit stressful and it comes out in my posts more than I’d like it to.  Going forward I hope to have a more positive outlook, despite any setbacks.  🙂

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One Response to Bills, Bills, Bills

  1. Sue says:

    Working at your kid’s school is the BEST mom job – I did it when my kids were little (worked in the office for 17 years) and STILL volunteer there – you don’t have to worry about in-service days, holidays, summer, etc. Even if you don’t start out full-time if you can, do part-time just to get your foot in the door.

    We have to have our windshield replace this weekend but we got quoted $360 😦 Would be a nice surprise if it was cheaper….but I’m not holding my breath!!!


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