Road Trip Completed!

I survived our “vacation” and now I could use a vacation to make up for that “vacation”.  I painfully underestimated the difficulty my nearly two year old would bring.  We made the best of it, had a great time, very little sleep, and lots of screaming, but it was a fun-ish five days.  Also, we fell in love with the state of Tennessee!  I didn’t think it’d be much different from where we live, but it sure is!

I haven’t organized my receipts into my spreadsheet yet, but I’m pretty sure we stayed on budget, since I have nearly $200 left in my purse.

Now we’re home and getting back into our normal routine.  I’m happy we came home a couple of days before DH goes back to work.  Always good to have some time to decompress.  I can already feel his tension in going back to work.

I’ll recap our trip, the budget, our potential plans, and more in the coming weeks.  Summer weather has arrived and we’ve been storm-free for two whole days!  That means lots of pool time.  (It’s fun and wears out the kids!)

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5 Responses to Road Trip Completed!

  1. Lucy says:

    Congrats on surviving a road trip with a two-year-old! Eager to hear all about your trip. TN is a beautiful state. We plan on going back once we are debt free.


  2. Love the pictures! I look forward to hearing the recap. Nashville is on my list of places to go.


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