Welcome Home…

We’re renting our old house to a family member.  Huge mistake, for so many reasons, but this one takes the cake.  Family member told us a couple days ago that they “thought” they heard dripping water under the kitchen sink.  They were here at the time, and we said to call us when they got home if it was still dripping.  Not a word.

Last night we get a text asking to come check out a potential leak in the floor.  We asked where and if there was any visible water:  “no, I just hear a drip every now and then”. We were busy and asked if we could come tomorrow: “no big deal, whenever you can make it out this week.”

I decided we should stop by after our errands last night and I am so glad we did.  I cannot put into words how angry I am.  The sink isn’t leaking.  The floor isn’t leaking.  The damn water heater is leaking, and not just a tiny leak, and certainly not a new development.  It was sitting in 3″ of water.

IMG_8019This has obviously been going on for awhile.  ALL the flooring on the lower floor is buckled and completely destroyed.  This is brand new flooring we installed before moving!!  Completely ruined.  The second I saw the floor (see pic?) I knew it was buckled, you cannot miss it.  BUT!  When you STEP ON IT…water comes gushing out!  HOW DO YOU NOT NOTICE THIS?  Or the water all over the floor in the laundry room?  I mean REALLY!!!!  How stupid can you be?  “Not a big deal”…….!!!!

We ran to Lowe’s last night and dropped $600 on a new water heater and install.  I’m not replacing that damn floor until the family member moves the hell out.  I’m assuming there’s enough damage to make it worthwhile to file a homeowner’s insurance claim.  The flooring alone is $2,000+ in materials, not including the labor costs.

Welcome home!  Our bad luck streak continues lol.


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4 Responses to Welcome Home…

  1. Lucy says:

    Stuff like this leaves me shaking my head. Are some people really that clueless? I’d definitely be looking into filing a claim.


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