Rental House Update – Money Pit!

As soon as my post published about insurance covering all the water heater flood damage, were we hit with more bad news.

First, my insurance adjuster is a liar.  Basically insurance isn’t covering every thing.  In fact, they’re barely covering anything at all.  The $1,000 I had already paid out for repairs was not included, and therefore I have to be out another $1,000 for my deductible.  That’s $2,000!!!  The insurance estimate was just over $5,000, so $4,000 after deductible.  About $3,600 of that is for the water mitigation service, leaving me with $400 to replace flooring in three rooms, drywall, paint, baseboards, etc.  NOT HAPPY!!!

I immediately appealed these decisions.  The adjuster lied so much, nothing he said was covered actually was.  In response to my appeal he kept referring to my contractor.

“I met you and your contractor at the property on June xx, and we all discussed the damages and course of action for repairs.”

What?  I don’t have a contractor?  I was by myself!

“As for the flooring, have your contractor provide samples of like-flooring and take pictures from above and below the stairs.”

Again, what contractor?  What the hell is he talking about?  There are six more emails and two voicemails in which he refers to my contractor and how they discussed details of repairs.  I thought he was confused and have corrected him four times.  He is still referring to how he met my contractor and I at the property.  LIES!!

Anyway, that issue is still being dealt with.  They sneakily cut my check AFTER I appealed.  I guess they’re hoping I’m stupid enough to deposit the check and screw myself over.  Not happening.

After that nonsense went down, my relative that is renting the house send me a text:

“I think something awful is happening.”

Every time they flushed the toilets, it would back up into the tubs.  At first they said they think the septic is full.  That would be a long shot, as we had that pumped out in 2016 right before we moved.  It was determined to be a clog.

DH went over there and snaked the toilet for hours.  He managed to clear out wads and wads of paper towels and what appear to be Clorox cleaning wipes?!  Still wouldn’t flush or drain.  Based on the clog evidence we told relative this was a user issue, not a house issue, and therefore their responsibility.

(DH spent his entire Father’s Day trying to get this fixed!!!!)

Two days later a plumber makes it out and sure enough, huge clog caused by paper towels and “cloth-like material”.  Unbelievable.  Instead of accepting responsibility for their roommates screw ups, relative tries to pin it on us:

“Well the plumber said the clog was black grease and that it had been building up for years and years.”

Ha!  Lies!!  The entire septic system is brand new (3 years) and all plumbing was replaced and cleaned in 2016.  Black grease from what?  For years?  Impossible.  We advised relative to charge the roommates for the bill and left it at that.

Sorry, but I am not being held responsible for a $600 bill for people being idiots and flushing stuff they shouldn’t.  Especially after I’m out $2,000+ to deal with the flood their stupid asses somehow didn’t notice for over a week.

I am done.  So done!!!  There is less than $1,000 left in our checking account and I feel sick to my stomach about it.  No debt progress this month.  😦

I always had an interest in rental properties as passive income.  Unfortunately I will never, ever rent a property ever again.  Nothing but a money pit and careless people who can’t respect others properties.

Also, rent was due the 10th.  I haven’t seen a dime yet.  Sigh.

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4 Responses to Rental House Update – Money Pit!

  1. Lucy says:

    What a headache! Relatives or not, I’d be looking into evicting them ASAP.


  2. OneFamily says:

    We had considered (for a minute!) renting out this house we bought when we build our house…then we slapped ourselves and said we are not dealing with renters. It would just be one headache after another, I’m sure. I’m sorry you are having to deal with all this. Are people really that stupid that they think that stuff can be flushed?!


  3. SAK says:

    I agree with Lucy – start evicting them now. You won’t have much house left if you don’t.

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