2017 Goals Check In

We’re now half way through 2017 already.   Time for a 2017 goals progress check in.

1.  Sell 3 vehicles.  Buy 1 reliable vehicle for DH.  75% Completed

  • We sold two cars, and still have one more to go.  This is the vehicle with the inexplicable lien that we were waiting on the title for.  Good news is we finally received the title!  Hopefully we can get that cleaned up and sold soon.   And avoid another crap buyer situation!
  • We also managed to purchase DH a reliable, newer vehicle.  Details here.  Not debt free, but a necessary exception for the time being.  Happy with this progress.

2. Sell rental house.  Fail.

3.  Pay off all credit card debt.  Nope.  Womp womp.

  • Trying.  So.  Hard.  Doubtful for 2017.  😦  In fact, due to the damages at the rental property, I foresee us having to go further into debt to get it market-ready, again.

4.  Use rewards credit card(s) towards bills.  50/50 Pass.

  • Kind of.  I actively use our rewards card to pay all utility bills for our home and the rental property.  I also use it for groceries, cellphone bill, and internet bill.  I made about $250 in cash back for the first quarter.

5.  Increase emergency fund from $15,000 to $17,500+.  Not yet.

  • Not quite there yet.  Our savings took a hit with recent rental property repairs.  I’m still hoping we can get to $17,500, but it isn’t looking so good right now.

6.  Host a garage sale.  Participate in consignment sale.  Minimize belongings.  Nope.

  • Not yet, but we’ve been slowly sorting and moving things to the garage in hopes of having a yard sale within a couple of months.

7.  Vacation.  PASS!!!

  • Road trip – DONE!  Need to write up a recap with some pictures.  Being home 24/7 with the kids makes updating difficult.  By the time they’re in bed, I’m wiped out!

8.  Keep job hunting.  Meh.

  • Ongoing.  I have applied for 3 jobs.  Accepted for one (Amazon), but no further training has opened up.  The other 2 still show my applications as ‘processing’.

9.  Monthly meal plan – save more on food.  Doing well.

  •  I’ve stuck with my Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-Up service.  It keeps my bill so much lower, because I’m not throwing random junk in my cart while roaming the store!  Best thing we’ve ever done.  If I have coupons or there are Ibotta rebates for items we use, I will go into a store, but stick strictly to those items.

10. Misc: Adjust direct deposit. Wills. Diversify stock. SAHM Retirement.  Ha.

  • Nope.  I haven’t even had time to look into these!

11. House goals: organize, declutter, and clean.  Eh?

  • This pretty much goes hand in hand with goal #6 of having a yard sale.  We’re slowly working our way through clutter.  I’ve been good about keeping the house clean.  I’ll give myself a pat on that back for that.

I’m not where I was hoping we would be.  Beginning of the year I was focused and ready to attack our debt.  Then life kept throwing curveballs and I can only handle so many being thrown my way at once.  Ultimately the rental property has been a time, money, and energy suck.  It’s the major piece of our journey that is preventing us from attaining many of these goals.  When I get down in the dumps, my focus takes a dive, and that doesn’t help our finances either.

We’ll work through it!  We always do.  I sold 4 chairs that came with my Craigslist find dining set for $150 last night.  I was pretty happy about that!  Every penny counts.

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3 Responses to 2017 Goals Check In

  1. Michelle says:

    It sounds like you are making progress, despite of all of the challenges that you have faced this year. You can do this!


  2. Lucy says:

    You have had a rough year, but like Michelle said, you’ve still made progress! Hang in there. You’ve got this!


  3. A gf of mine also has really enjoyed the Walmart grocery pick up service. Sounds like I might need to try it. And hey, vacation is important to conquer. Glad you were able to check that one off your list!


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