Jobs and Children

I mentioned in my goals update that I am still actively job hunting.  I was.  I think I may have to pause it for awhile.  One of the “in-process” applications has finally updated to “closed” – I assume I was not selected.  A bit of a letdown, as it was a position I was very interested in.

There are two problems that continuously pop up when I’m searching for jobs:

Money.  I need to make a semi-decent wage to cover childcare ($600-$1200 per month) and have enough leftover to bring home.  Wages alone have been depressingly low.  I’m not sure what employers are thinking these days.  They have a list of expected knowledge, experience, demand degrees, then offer $9 an hour.  What an insult.

Flexibility.  The other problem I have is scheduling.  DH is still working nights.  I need to be able to take DS1 to school during the school year.  I’ve only applied for part-time positions.  But the primary reason for part-time is DS2.  At his recent check up, he received nine referrals to specialists.  I hate the label “special needs”, but technically that’s what he falls into.  We’re trying to get the bottom of a potential genetic muscular disorder, and thanks to insurance, we have to jump through hoops to get help.  All these referrals mean lots of appointments and all of them are over an hour away.  I’ll have entire days dedicated to appointments.  So it’s not always something I could do on a lunch hour.

Obviously my kids come first.  But we could desperately use the income.  I’ve joined a few Facebook groups for stay/work at home moms.  Every time someone asks about work ideas, people take it as a chance to blab about their “direct sales” opportunity – aka multi-level marketing – aka pyramid scheme.  I hate that crap!  No, I don’t want to sell Beach Body, or Plexus, or body wraps, or Jamberry, or Tupperware, or Mary Kay, or essential oils.  No! No! No!!!

I could easily get a part-time gig making $7 an hour, but then I’d be negative each week after daycare.  Not worth it.  It’s a dilemma though, that’s for sure.

In the meantime I’m focusing on our house.  Decluttering, setting items aside for a yard sale, posting larger items locally (and dealing with crazies!!!)  I’m considering participating in a children’s consignment sale this fall as well.  I’m still holding out hope that Amazon opens up additional training appointments.

No point to this post, other than frustration I suppose.  I’m trying hard and sometimes my hardest isn’t good enough.  Keep on keepin’ on though!!  Time to drive an hour and a half to a physical and occupational therapy appointment, wish us luck!

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8 Responses to Jobs and Children

  1. I am so so sorry to hear of your family situation. Sometimes the best things we mothers can do is do our best to keep costs down. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.
    I do have one suggestion. I hope it offers something to you. In light of all the AirBnB success, do you have any room in your home to rent out? A spare bedroom on the weekends? Or maybe rent out to a college student, medical professional…I dunno…..something? Maybe you can rent out spare space for someone to store their stuff at? In a garage or shed? It’s just a thought.
    I tried to come up with some solution if I were in your spot. If it were me, I’d have my kids bunk up and I’d rent out a room. Some of those rentals get like $500 to $600 a month! I’m certain that would help you guys out.
    Anyway, the next best thing I can do for y’all is remember you guys in my nightly prayers. Sometimes God does wonderful things for us. Sometimes He can come up with a solution that we mere mortals can’t.
    Good luck.
    Hang in there.
    God bless you all!


    • Hi Cindi! We do not have any space available to rent at the moment. We have a 2500 sqft finished basement apartment, which would be an amazing income-property – however! My mother in law currently lives down there. One day, if I’m lucky, she’ll move on and AirBnB would be an excellent option for the space. I think my only concern with renting a room next to my kids would be the type of people inexpensive rentals attract around here (I’m putting this nicely I’m afraid lol.) My boys bedrooms are small and share a Jack n Jill style bathroom as well. I do believe that I need to work on cutting expenses, that’s a must right now, but a struggle. Thanks so much for the comment and thoughts, greatly appreciate it! (Are you Cindi from retired/thrifty by any chance??)

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      • Yes, that’s me, Cindi. Retired and Thrifty! THat’s amazing about your finished basement apartment! Wow. Any chance you can move your MIL upstairs with you for a while?? Don’t be afraid of renting. You’ll find a great tenant. Just do your due diligence and really check the people out and you’ll be fine. Perhaps you can find a renter through a local church? Anyway, hang in there. Just know you are in my evening prayers. Sometimes God can work these great miracles. Good luck! and God bless.


  2. Do you sew or have skills making stuff you could sell on etsy? I read some blogs where women do that and make some extra cash each month.


    • I actually do have an active etsy shop, and it does okay. Since all the etsy changes, terrible search functions, etc, sales have slowed. I do need to put more effort into it though! Unfortunately I cannot sew to save my life! A talent I wish I possessed! Thanks for the comment! 🙂


  3. Lucy says:

    I completely agree with Cindi in that a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Try focusing on cutting back and looking for additional ways to save. I found that when I was working more, I was also spending more because I didn’t have the time to pay attention to the little things like clipping coupons, watching for sales, etc. More money was also spent on meals as I didn’t always have the time or energy to prepare cheaper (and healthier) options at home.


  4. Rose says:

    Hello, I bumped into your blog and had to respond to you and your needs of money and your son with special needs. He would be eligible for Social Security benefits. There are two reasons here: one: he has special needs and if they are just figuring that out make sure all your doctors (specialist) put a label on that, very important.
    2: because you will need to take him to all these appointments and won’t be able to work full time. You need to be readily available to him. I’m assuming he is very young and you are just figuring this all out by your post.
    Make sure you get all his doctors on board with it. Its a pretty simple process.
    I realize not everyone wants their child on Social security, but the benefits he would get out weigh every thing else.
    My daughter was never diagnosed after many, many years of doctors and specialist. She was 19 when we found one doctor who saw what everyone else had missed for years. The battle is long but with the proper help and funds you can tackle anything.

    Good luck,


    • Hi Rose! Thank you for commenting. Unfortunately my son does not qualify for social security or disability at this time. He was born with a birth defect that is not considered for either. If, however, he does receive an official diagnosis for muscular disorder or similar, we can apply for such benefits. We tried to go that route early on and were turned away. He just turned 2 years old, and we’ve been battling insurance and benefits the entire time. It’s definitely a time consuming and frustrating journey!


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