Thursday. Ipads!

Today is the only day this week I do not have any appointments.  By default, it’s a good day for that reason alone.  I’m cooling down after a particular irritating appointment yesterday.  Once I collect my thoughts, and calm down, I plan to post about our “affordable” health insurance.  That’s probably the one topic these days that can truly set me off!

Anyway, I wanted to drop in and thank everyone for their comments and advice to my previous post.  I greatly appreciate it!!  I’ll address more of those issues another time.  Trying to keep this post more upbeat.  😉

So, I bought an Apple Ipad2 and Ipad Air.  Ridiculous, right?  We’re broke!  Why are we spending money on expensive Apple products?  We’ve been trying to find a cheap tablet for DS2.  Something to load movies on for entertainment during long car rides and even longer waiting room waits before appointments.  His S.PT.O therapists have also suggested a few apps for him to work with.  I figured the Amazon Fire would be our best bet, until yesterday.

I spent $75.  Total.  (Using the cash from the chairs I sold for $150!)  The local school district has decided to transition away from Apple products and move on to Chromebooks.  Now they’re liquidating all their student issued Ipads!!!  $25 for the Ipad2 and $50 for the Ipad Air.  People were filling boxes with tablets.  I was just trying to find ones with good charging ports, no damage, and that would turn on so I could make sure the screen was good.  Obviously this would have been a great chance to stock up for resale.  Unfortunately, we’re not in a position to buy 20 Ipads even at such great prices.

The only reason I bought one of each, instead of just one, was because I had no idea which would be best.   I’m not familiar with tablets.  Not particularly fond of them myself, I type too much, and I find typing on them too frustrating for me.

I tried to do a google search for “Ipad2 vs Ipad Air” but had no cell service in the building.  I arrived just before closing time and the cops were rushing us into the checkout line.  I knew selling the one we didn’t use would be easy.  I posted about the sale and now have friends and family begging to let them know if I’ll sell one!  DH wants to go back in the morning and try to get a few with his extra funds, since he wasn’t with me today.  (I doubt he will, no worries.)

The Ipad2 seem to be selling for around $110 used, Ipad Air fetching between $250 and $400 used.  I had NO idea the Air went for so much.  A couple of teen boys behind me in line had 40 Ipads.  I jokingly asked “so what are you two doing with those?”  I can appreciate the entrepreneurship!  Good for them!

What’s the catch?  A few things.

  • As-is.  No returns.  No refunds.
  • No chargers included.
  • Cash or check only.
  • Some dings on corners, noticeable wear on many.
  • Stickiness on the back from where they removed school labels.
  • Ipad2’s are laser etched with the school district information.

Everything was sold as-is.  No returns, no refunds, period.  (Even when a lady dropped hers as she left, right outside the door – smashed it!!  Poor lady!)   I made sure to check over all the ports and turn on both of the ones I picked out very carefully.  Chargers were not included.   I can get a charger for the Ipad2 for $4.99 shipped on Amazon, and the Ipad Air has the same charging port as my cellphone, and I already have an extra on hand.  I had cash, no issue there.  The ones I chose look great.  Oh, and they included a rubber case for free – although it’s a bit gross, so I’m replacing that with an $11 kid friendly one from Amazon.

The pros far outweighed the cons for me.  I’m excited to have more enjoyable (tolerable! quiet?!) car rides to our next appointments!!!  (He’s a car ride screamer!)   Normally I’d just hand the kid my phone, but I need it for the GPS (Waze) since I’m traveling by myself to new locations.

Just had to share my little win for this week.  🙂

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4 Responses to Thursday. Ipads!

  1. i was just going to mention getting a chromebook. i love mine. and my child steals it all the time to watch her hulu shows on it. she also has an ipad. but that is a great buy for the two you bought. i wonder what the resale is going to be like since the school district info is etched in. with close friends/family i am sure it will be fine, but to the general public… i think you were good with your score.


    • I thought the same thing with the laser etching on the Ipad2’s. The Air’s just have sticker labels that are easy to remove, and I imagine those would be better resale items. Thankfully my 2 year old won’t care lol. I looked into Chromebooks years ago, but they didn’t support my graphics program I used at the time. Haven’t checked them out recently, but I guess they’re better than Ipads for schools. This district couldn’t wait to get rid of Ipads, lol, the teachers were thrilled!


  2. vesta8 says:

    Goo Gone should get rid of any sticky residue on them – Good deal!


  3. Jane says:

    Just check that your air can take the charger on in your phone as I think iPads need 12w whereas the iPhone takes 10w


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