Another Application

I found another legitimate work from home position, this time with American Express.  It’s part-time and the starting pay is $15.72/hour, but based on your experience it could be up to $21/hour after training.  That is much, much better than Amazons $10!

My application has passed phase one, and now I’m waiting to take the assessment.  It’s over an hour and needs my undivided attention.  Once DH wakes up to handle the kids, I’ll slip away to complete that part of the process.  Fingers crossed! (Edit: Just finished the assessment. WOW!!! I felt like I was taking the SATs! Required a pen, paper, and calculator. Stressful!)

I’m still looking for a position locally as well.  I’d love to get a job with the county, because their benefits are amazing.  Right now our health insurance is through DH’s employer, a fortune 500 company, and they are complete crap.  With all of DS2’s specialist appointments and referrals lately, it’s a constant reminder how terrible, and unaffordable healthcare truly is in this country.

Anyway, Monday is off to a nice start with another application in, phase one passed.  I also downloaded the Mercari app and listed some items for sale.  Lots of likes, but no sales yet.  I’ll move it over to ebay if things aren’t moving quickly.

Determination.  🙂

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2 Responses to Another Application

  1. Michelle says:

    Fingers crossed! I hope you get the job!


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