Happy Fourth!

I’m being that old, grumpy lady who can’t stand the noise of the fireworks tonight. I’m under the weather and the littlest one is finally sleeping. I might cry if all this noise wakes him up! I can absolutely see how fireworks would be triggering for someone with PTSD. It honestly sounds like what I assume a war zone would sound like!! And it’s only 9pm. Three more hours of this, fun.

My oldest went to spend the night with his grandmother, since we have appointments with DS2 tomorrow (another 2+ hour drive.) DH’s supervisor called to tell him that his overnight crew had the night off. Awesome! Until he said DH still had to work.

No cookouts or swimming or fireworks for us this year. I hope all of you had far more fun and eventful 4th of July celebrations though!! 🙂

I’m already in bed, browsing jobs. I did complete the assessment test for the American Express job. Far more stressful than I expected! Hopefully I hear something soon.

I’m currently going through another stack of medical bills and insurance denials and letters relating to DS2. I have a long, long post about this. Not sure if I should post it. It’s a struggle somedays dealing with this our “affordable” healthcare. Is anyone truly happy with the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)? I understand there are pros and cons, but for my family, the cons are at about 90% at this point.

Posts I’m working on:
Debt Update – Finally some new numbers!
Expenses – Time to cut these, but how?!
Medical/ACA Woes – On the fence about this.

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One Response to Happy Fourth!

  1. Sue says:

    Our “cons” are about 95% with Obamacare, so you are NOT alone!!!!!


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