A Leak

A should-have-been prevented leak.

Hmm.  Remember that time our homeowner’s insurance adjuster came out to our home to inspect our storm damaged roof and brought along a shady “inspector”?  They found no signs of damage anywhere.  Closed the claim.  No help.

Three roofers found damage.  One found a water leak.  Adjuster denied all those claims.


Water.  Pouring through my dining room ceiling.  Exactly where one of the roofers pointed out the damage previously.  Exactly where the adjuster’s shady inspector claimed it was in perfect shape.


Absolutely sick and tired of shitty people and shitty companies in this world!

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5 Responses to A Leak

  1. I hope you report the company to the BBB. Can you send in the roofer’s invoice to the insurance company. Almost sounds like you need a lawyer to draft a letter. So sorry about the water pouring in. Ugh. So horrible and frustrating.


  2. Time to find a new insurance company. Who was your carrier? If it was a national company, you should let other people know about their awful service. You should still submit your claim. Doesn’t matter if the roof passed ‘inspection’ before. Anything could have happened to the roof since then to now.
    UGH is all I can say.
    Good luck.


  3. Lucy says:

    I agree with both comments. I’d also be putting them on notice that you’ll be spreading the word about their crappy business handlings.


  4. kayobee says:

    File your new claim, refile/appeal your old claim, and let your insurance company know you plan to submit a complaint to the state insurance commissioner. Those are the people who actually regulate your insurer’s ability to do business in your area.


    • Dana says:

      I agree what kayobee said. I would also submit a complaint with the state insurance commissioner and whatever else agency (BBB) about the adjuster.


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