Lorex Baby Monitor Recall Scam? Theft?

I’m posting all of this, just to be able to tweet, share, and maybe get ahold of someone at Lorex who is capable of dealing with the situation, because I am sick and tired of chasing what is rightfully mine.

Dear Lorex,

Back in April of this year I found out about the Lorex baby monitor recall, after our battery exploded on our Care N’ Share monitor.  I returned the monitor and 2 cameras in the envelope provided through the recall website – with a copy of my original receipt for $127.49.  Not even a box by the way, the recall center provided a cheap, thin envelope.

My items were delivered back to the recall center via UPS on May 1st.  On May 13th they called claiming I only returned one camera.  This is absolutely false!  Why would I do that?  Why would I keep a useless, defective monitor?  Even the shipping weight proves I sent the entire set back. They apologized and put through the claim and said to expect a check in couple of weeks.

Of course, since I have a special needs child, I couldn’t wait weeks for a monitor replacement.  I had to go ahead and purchase another set, by Summer, since Lorex no longer sells baby monitor systems.  I could have really used this refund check to fund the new set.

Here are the images I took prior to packaging up the system, as well as my original purchase email.

I realize my images are blurry, but the model number is WL3520 on the monitor (zoom in), which matches exactly what is posted for the recalled units directly on Lorex’s website.   As you can see, the battery burst inside.  It smoked and smelled bad, and broke the back off.  The recall clearly states this is a burn hazard to consumers.  Oh, and it fries the monitor so it doesn’t work at all.

On June 15th I called to inquire about my refund status, it was well past the 2 weeks I was told to wait.  They said my claim was approved and processing. I was told I should receive it within 2 weeks.  I waited.  And waited.  No refund check arrived.

I attempted to call the recall line on July 3rd, 5th, and 6th and they were closed for the holidays. What a nice long holiday.  I reached out to Lorex directly through the email contact form on their website.  On July 6th (13 days ago) I received a response apologizing for the inconvenience and that they were escalating my issue. They said someone would get back to me within 3-4 business days. Here were are, July 19th, and no one has contacted me.

I called the recall hotline again today, July 19th, and was given a totally different excuse as to why I do not have my refund check yet. Now they claim my items were not the affected model. This is also FALSE. I have pictures of every damn piece of equipment I sent back – 2 cameras and a monitor (posted above). I still have the battery that blew up by the way. Also, I had to enter the model number information on the recall site before I received my return envelopes. Obviously the set qualified.

So now the recall place has my baby monitor and 2 cameras and I have nothing. Keeping my nearly $130 purchase and not returning my useless equipment nor refunding me is theft. The customer service lady “escalated” my claim (I’ve heard that one before) to D***, a supervisor, who said she would also “escalate” it to “the client” for review.  I assume that client is Lorex?!  She said they need to “pull my order” to review it. Do I need to send pictures? How about my original receipt that I still have?  I have offered to do this multiple times and not once have they provided an email to send images.  Hence this post!  This is outrageous. I have already had to spend money to get another system. A monitor is a must! I WOULD APPRECIATE SOMEONE DOING SOMETHING TO GET MY MONEY BACK!!!

You cannot possibly keep an entire system I clearly paid for AND returned, and refuse to either send it back or reimburse me!?!?  It IS the recalled set.  I’ve provided proof numerous times.  I’m tired of getting the run around and would appreciate my refund in a timely manner.  Thanks.



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One Response to Lorex Baby Monitor Recall Scam? Theft?

  1. Carol Pavlik says:

    Contact the Attorney General for the state the company is located. This is fraud.


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