Frustration Free Friday

After weeks (months!) of Murphy’s Law kicking our behinds over here, I’ve decided to take a step back, and breathe.  Bad stuff happens, albeit more frequently to us it seems!  But we’ll survive!  So today I’ll focus on 10 positive things that have occurred recently.

01 – DH took the bee situation into his own hands this week.  After zero help from bee guy.  It seems to be working – knock on wood – and I’ll have an update next week.  Let’s just say, we haven’t seen bee’s in 2 days now!

02 – Before our road trip in June, my mother in law gifted our kids $1,000 “spending money” for the trip.  Of course, we spent nowhere near that on anything for the boys, and when we came back we tried to return the remainder to her.  She refused and told us to put it towards something we need.  We were able to buy a new fridge for $500, which is normally $3200, all due to a small dent on the side you never see!  And a new dishwasher for $100 that retails for $899 – also due to a dent.

03 – We just sold our “old” fridge for $650 cash!  I’ll list our old dishwasher for $50ish once we install the new one.

04 – I’ve also been doing well selling little things on Ebay and the Mercari app.

I’ve been selling things for just under three weeks now and already made $124.00 on Ebay, with another $10 pending, before fee’s and shipping.  The 5 unsold shown on the Ebay image are listings I removed, because they sold on the other venue.  On Mercari I’ve made $68.40 after fee’s, but before shipping, and have another $25 pending.  Not bad for getting rid of things we do not need or use!   I also sold an outfit on a FB group for $22.

05 – DS2 accomplished some milestones in physical therapy this week.  He was able to balance enough to lift his leg and kick a ball.  Huge accomplishment for him!  Worthy of celebrating.  Let me tell you, PT with a 2 year old is exhausting.

06 – DS1 is loving school, he has deemed everyday as “amazing” or “excellent”.  This is a relief, since just days prior to the year beginning, he was in tears about having to go to school.

07 – DH completed his FAFSA form and is officially applying to college.  Mechanical Engineering!!  I’m so proud.  This could be a life changer.  He’s still waiting to hear back from the registrar’s office, but I believe the FAFSA granted $6,000.

08 – I had an Olive Garden gift card and was able to meet an old friend for lunch recently.  Olive Garden has their buy one take one promotion going on, so not only was my meal “free”, but I was able to bring home a meal for DH to take for lunch to work.  It’s the little things, so this one counts!  😉

09 – DH has dropped nearly 40lbs in just over two months!  I’m so proud of him!!  He stopped drinking coke and snacking.  I need to follow in his foot steps, except my addiction is diet coke.

10 – Someone used my referral code for Wal-Mart’s Grocery Pick-up!  This gave me $10 off my groceries for next week.  Thank you to whomever did that!!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Remember, the sun always shines again after it rains.  Stay focused, don’t over stress – like I do.  😀

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5 Responses to Frustration Free Friday

  1. Keeping a gratitude journal during trying times definitely helps. Those are some really great positives!
    Nice score on the new fridge.
    And I too had a bee problem when I moved in. Bee guy had to come out twice. Now that the issue is resolved, I am dealing with cluster flies. It’s so gross. The apt complex will deal with it, but its one thing after another. Good thing, they are not like regular flies that feed off trash. They feed off nature stuff and hide in attics/roofs due to the weather. Well, I bought some window screen and duct taped on the inside vents until management deals with it. So far, no more flies. Crosses fingers. But ewwww….


    • I wish we were renters for this very reason – someone else would need to take care of it! One of the cons of homeownership, that’s for sure. I’ve never heard of cluster flies, just had to google. Flies of any kind would drive me nuts, hope that duct taped screen holds up!


      • the con of renting is that I don’t have control over how quickly (or not how quickly) they take care of it. With the bees, I had to tell them multiple times that the bees were “IN the house”. they weren’t getting the scope of the situation.
        But the pro is that they pay for it. They better! I pay enough in Rent.
        I’ve never heard of cluster flies until the problem either. I keep a clean house. So to have flies in it makes it even more ewwww… *shiver* bleck. LOL


      • Do landlords not have timeframes they need to work within after a report is made?? I’ve never rented in my life, so have zero experience with that. I’d be going crazy if they took their sweet time, especially with pests. I would go insane with the flies, I’d be jumpy and swatting all over the place until they were all dead. I can’t stand them flying around my face or their buzzing lol. Littles things set me off! Never mind the eww factor, yuck!


      • in theory they do. but a couple times I’ve had to send daily emails and calls and keep pictures to get the situation settled. the pictures tend to do the trick. I think the problem was that they didn’t have a manager at our complex for a bit of time, so they settled for taking their time.

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