Hurricane Prep

No updates on my homeowner’s insurance drama. Honestly, I don’t have the energy to deal with it this week. Too much going on, what’s another week delay after three months of fighting?! I’ll have my debt update soon! We’re busy busy, because…

IRMA IS ANGRY! And heading this way. Thankfully we’re not in the direct path, nor on the coast, but looks like we’ll definitely be hit with something. The extent is unknown. The last hurricane to hit us hard was Ivan, way back in 2004. We had just bought our first home that year. Lost our deck, patio, grill, half a roof, and our only car. We’ve had others pass by through the years, but mostly downgraded to tropical storms, and none as damaging as Ivan.

Family members on either coast of Florida are figuring our their evacuation plans. Many plan to stay put, others have no choice (nurses) in the matter. My aunt was able to book the last available flight up to our area for Friday morning. Assuming she can get to the airport through all the traffic.

Any readers in Florida, stay safe!  And to all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, you’re still in our thoughts. Hopefully Hurricanes Jose and Katia dissipate!

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