Budget Friendly Christmas Pt. 2

I saved just over $600 towards Christmas using various savings apps and rewards programs.  I’m stretching this to cover eight people – primarily my two kids.  These are some deals I found this season:

Toys R Us

Of course their “site wide” 15% off sale didn’t cover anything I wanted.  I was looking for a specific Duplo set, but at $79.99 it was out of budget.  Then I found this exact set, brand new, sold by Toys R Us on Ebay for $49 shipped!  I also received 9% cash back for the purchase ($4.41.)  This is the 2 year olds “big” gift, and was recommended by his PT therapists to work on fine motor skills.


On Black Friday if you spent over $50 they gave you a 20% coupon to use the following week on your entire purchase.  We spent over $50 on some groceries and socks to get the coupon.

With the 20% coupon and $35 in gift cards, I purchased the Roku Ultra (reg. $99) and this dollhouse (reg ($129) for $147.40.  The Roku is DH and I’s gift to ourselves (our original one from 2013 finally died), the dollhouse is for our oldest son – it’s the #1 item on his list lol.  For his Disney figures!  I love the neutral color palate.  Nearly impossible to find a playhouse that isn’t bright pink!  I’ve been scouring Craigslist and local FB ads for dollhouses that I could just paint, but I was never quick enough to get one.

I also nabbed a clearance art easel for the boys playroom.  Regularly $40, it was on clearance for $11.98.  It comes with plenty of paper and accessories, I didn’t need to buy anything separately to “complete” that gift.


I stopped by to grab some ribbon (70% off!) for our Christmas tree.  I came across a nice selection of Discovery Kids items while there.  It was Black Friday and they were offering 60% off your entire purchase, including sale items, before 11am.  I was able to get a telescope/microscope lab kit that was $15 on sale (reg. $60!!), and final price came to $6 + tax!  My science obsessed 7 year old will love this.

The Children’s Place

My last good deal was on clothing for the kids.  I usually try to stock up at the local consignment sale each year, but the selection was slim pickings by the time I was able to stop by.  (Same week DS2 was hospitalized.)   The Children’s Place had a great Black Friday sale, and I took advantage of it.

Every thing was discounted 50-75%, plus rewards points were doubled, and you could early $20 TCP cash for every $20 spent.  It’s normally $10 TCP cash for every $20.  (Similar to Kohls cash.)  I already had a $10 rewards coupon to use as well.  I’m quite happy with my haul:

  • DS1: 4 pairs of jeans, 2 school uniform sweaters, 1 hoodie, 3 t-shirts, 2 pajama pants, 1 pair of shoes, underwear, socks.
  • DS2: 2 pairs of jeans, 4 t-shirts, 1 sweater, 1 hoodie, 3 pairs of footie pajamas, socks, 1 pair of sweatpants.

My total was $101 shipped, including tax.  I received $100 in TCP cash, which I’ll need to use by end of January.  I’ll probably split this with a friend, unless I just order larger sizes.  I was thinking of putting it towards school uniforms for next year, but I’ve never bought their uniform items before.  (Old Navy shrinks, Target’s Cat & Jack tears easily, GAP is great (pricey) – but the navy attracts every bit of lint.)

Overall I think I did well.  There is one more “big” thing I’d like to get – a set of Targets Pillowfort industrial kids chairs for the playroom.  Those chairs are quite sturdy, and could support even me while sitting to help or play with the kids.  The Ikea chairs are definitely cheap and flimsy.  I’ve been trying to snag the Target chairs for over a month now, but they mysteriously go out of stock every time I add them to my cart during a sale.  They’re not a must have.

All the above comes to $310.97 out of my $600 budget – and honestly, some of the clothing was a need and not necessarily Christmas-budget worthy.  Other than that, I just need to get a few stocking stuffers, and we’re done with the kids!  The remainder of the balance will go towards our moms and siblings.  I’m considering hosting a $5-$10 white elephant game night with friends.  I think it would be fun, but we have some bah-humbugs in the bunch.


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