$27 & Some Good News!

This week was tight.  We had $63 in our account on Sunday, payday wasn’t until today. Thankfully the bills were already paid.  I usually have a buffer in our checking account, but the end of 2017 wasn’t kind to us, and we’re stumbling to get back on our feet in the new year.  It will happen, I just need a bit of time to rebuild.  🙂

We ended the week with $27 in the account.  I cooked breakfast and dinner every day, I shopped the freezer, I got creative, we ate great.  Also managed to pack my sons lunch for school all 5 days.  (Make that 4 days, he was sent home with flu-like symptoms today.  Oi!)

The pay issue I mention in my previous post with DH’s employer is resolved, and not really in his favor.  Basically there was a “policy change” regarding weather interruptions.  The day crew gets full pay if they close.  The night crew does not.  However, night crew can use PTO/sick time if they close for hazardous weather.  I do not understand how this is a fair policy, especially when icy conditions are worse at night.  !?  So he used vacation time to cover it, but it won’t be applied until the next check, in 2 weeks.

The good news is that DH’s company jumped on the tax bonus bandwagon – only after multiple competitors did, of course.  He’ll be receiving a $1,000 “cash bonus” sometime in February.  This “cash bonus” will be added to his check and taxed high, but hey, it’s extra money.  No complaints there.

I’m busy working on consignment prep and selling items on Ebay this week.  $398 made through Ebay and Mercari just this week!!  If I could keep up this momentum, we could make a nice dent in our debt.

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2 Responses to $27 & Some Good News!

  1. Michelle says:

    A $1,000 cash bonus is wonderful!! I am a great believer that when it comes to money every little bit helps! Any plans on how to use the bonus?


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