Things and Stuff

I’m just not creative or thoughtful enough for titles these days.

I’ve been keeping busy with organizing paperwork (taxes) and sorting things for the consignment sale.  My sales for the latter are up to $695 before fees.  I’m happy with that.  Hoping I don’t have anything to pick up at the end of the sale.  I opted to donate 90% of it, if it doesn’t sell.  The other 10% are name brand items I can easily sell online, or that can go back into the fall sale.

We filed taxes this weekend and are getting a good chunk back.  We need to sit down and figure out how to use/disperse these funds.  First on that list is to bump our savings back up to $1000+ (DR style ER fund.)  After that it’ll be credit cards.  No fun money.

The bank situation.  We’re going on a month without debit cards.  I’ve enjoyed having DH on a cash diet!  Sure cuts down on unnecessary spending throughout the week.  Our bank still has not refunded the fee’s associated with the fraudulent charges.  I’ve gone by the local branch three times, and each time the “manager was not available”.  I’m sure he’ll be available the day we arrive to empty our accounts, which we’ll do once we get our tax refunds deposited.  We haven’t had a chance to check out other local banks just yet.  It’s coming though.

I do have some exciting news!  DH has enrolled in school!  I’ll post more about that shortly.

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