Credit Score Improvement

I had a small bill in collections from a dentist appointment in 2014. I’m 99.999% positive this was paid, but since we’ve moved, and switched banks since then, I couldn’t “prove” it. I had to pay this in full before the dentists office would even allow me to schedule an appointment. I was in agony, so I paid the $400.

Apparently I underestimated how much this one little bill was affecting my credit score. A few weeks after paying it off, I had notifications from Credit Karma and Capital One about a change in my score.  I was hovering around the 730’s for the last year.

I realize these aren’t my actual FICO score, but since I don’t want to pay for that, and have no reason for a bank to check it right now, I go by these two sites.  In my experience, when I have received my FICO for financing purposes, there was little difference.

I guess it’s a strange thing to be “proud” of, but I am.  I hope to help DH improve his score now.  He’s in the 650’s.  This has a lot to due with medical bills that are in collections that shouldn’t be.  These bills were handled by a lawyer, and should not be on his credit!  I’ve tried disputing, but can’t seem to get anywhere with it.  Once those are cleared, his score should dramatically improve.

If you have any tips for disputing collections on your credit report, please let me know!  The online forms have given me zero response.

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2 Responses to Credit Score Improvement

  1. Michelle says:

    That’s a huge improvement in your credit score, congrats! Hopefully your hubby’s score catches up with yours soon. Can the lawyer help get those collections removed from your husband’s credit report?


    • We reached out to the attorney and he told us it was no longer his problem. 😦 Which is unfair, because I have all the proof these bills were provided to him multiple times during the case.


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