Increasing Expenses + College

Trash pick up increased 30%:  $48/qtrly to $63/qtrly.  No explanation.  I’m paid up through April, so I’ll call other trash companies in the next few weeks to get the service switched.

Car insurance increased from $161.80/mo. to $199.80/mo. out of nowhere!  Nothing has changed.  I have never, ever paid this month per month for full coverage on two vehicles.  Our vehicles are both 10+ years old!  I know car insurance rates vary wildly depending on state, but we’ve always paid $90-$140 per month for 2 vehicles.  The $161 we had been paying recently was already much higher than we were use to.  I don’t understand the price hike.  No tickets, no accidents, etc.  Credit scores are good.  Already started shopping around, but I did email my insurance guy to ask why it increased so much.  It’s not even renewal time, we haven’t had them for six full months yet!

I’m assuming the car insurance increase also means a future homeowner’s policy increase.  Both our homeowner’s policies are paid in full through October.

It’s frustrating how the price of every thing keeps increasing, yet wages remain stagnant in this country.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin to fix this wage issue and lessen the gap between the classes.  I’m not sure our government officials will ever fix it either.  Too much wasted time arguing.

Speaking of wages, DH’s raise still has not gone into effect, nor has his boss told him what it is.  DH has attempted to speak with his boss and HR and continues to get the run around.  I cannot wait until he can tell that place where to shove it!

DH is actively taking the steps to start a new career.  He was suppose to take the university entrance exam last week, but it was canceled that morning.  Now he’s scheduled to take it next week.  Enrollment is end of April.  He’s hoping to start classes this summer, but it may be fall.  He won’t know what courses are available when until he applies after testing scores come back (within 72hrs of taking it.)

I’m thrilled for DH.  This is a huge step for him.  He’s Mr. Content, no real drive for more success, but the toxic work environment is pushing him to his breaking point.  Thankful he has this opportunity, and I’ll share more as we go.  I know it will be tough, for both of us, but we’ll make it work.

  • End goal:  New job.  Higher salary.  Out of state relocation!  Debt free!!!
  • Timeline: 2-3 years.  Hopefully 2!  (Debt free before then.)
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5 Responses to Increasing Expenses + College

  1. Lucy says:

    I’d be doing the same thing and calling around for better rates. Did you see an increase in wages with the recent tax cuts?


    • I haven’t noticed much of a difference yet. We haven’t had a “normal” pay period since the new year, due to bonus and OT pay. If I subtract those, I’m not seeing a big difference, which is thanks to hire health insurance costs this year! 😦


  2. OneFamily says:

    That’s so strange to have an insurance increase when it’s not renewal time. I’d definitely be getting new quotes. My DH was just saying the other day – the tax cut and bonus’s are really doing not much good when everything is going up in price so much. The price of steel doubled in the past month. The excuse is the tariff….but like our friend said “I didn’t buy imported steel, I bought US steel, so why’d the price double?”


    • I’ve never experienced a rate hike before renewal, I’m hoping it’s an error! I haven’t noticed much more coming home, apart from OT pay, because our health insurance went up so much this year. 😦 I use to work for a manufacturing facility, and dealt with the fluctuating costs of metals daily. If the import taxes increase, expect the US supplies to jack their rates up too. They know everyone will switch from overseas to US to avoid the taxes if it’s cheaper, even by a small amount. Very annoying!


  3. Vicky says:

    I read somewhere recently that insurance companies are losing money on their car insurance portfolio. A lot of it has to do with new modern cars being so much more expensive to repair should they be involved in an accident. Unfortunately those of who never claim have to subsidize those who do.


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