We were able to get in touch with the benefits payroll department yesterday.  They claimed every thing was good on their end.  A few hours later a mysterious pending deposit for $429 hit our account.  We logged back into the benefits account and found a pay stub that didn’t previously exist.  $429.

That’s what short term disability has set up for DH’s pay.  This is not 60%.  Not only that, they’re taxing it.  His benefits are paid with post tax dollars, not pre tax, it should not be taxable income.  I am irritated and no one can explain the math.

DH makes approx. $2000 biweekly before taxes and benefits are taken out.  60% would be $1200 biweekly.  Where the hell are they getting $506?

DH went through this in 2014 – short term disability and FMLA.  Payment was made by check on a monthly basis, and we received $2200 monthly.  No taxes taken out.

Now it’s $506 and they’re deducting $77 for taxes.  And somehow I’m suppose to pay $1600+ for benefits soon, on top of our regular bills.  HA!  This is such a joke.  I can only hope our lawyers demand letter gets some quick results.  It stinks that someones carelessness can cause a family such stress and pain.

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4 Responses to $500/bi-weekly….wtf

  1. Lucy says:

    Does your DH pay for the entire benefit, or is some of it provided by his company? That might be the difference in what is taxed. We have what Hub’s company provides, but have increased it to 60% (max available), and I know one part is taxable, whereas the other is not. Another thing (at least with our plan) is that the 60% is based on what he earned the previous year. I wonder if this is how your benefit is being figured.


    • I pulled up his pay stub and the long/short disability and life insurance benefits are post-tax deductions and the employer does not contribute towards those. Employer only contributes towards medical, dental, vision, and 401K. I’m confused about it being taxed, but I’m not an expert. :/ I just know it was not taxed in 2015. Hopefully after another round of phone calls on Monday we can get some answers!


  2. Sue says:

    I can’t believe what a nightmare this has been – hopefully they will figure it out and you will get what you are owed SOON!!!!


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