Zero Communication Frustration

I am ready for life to go back to normal.  The chaos is taking it’s toll on the kids and myself!  Hotel living is fun when you’re on vacation, not when you’re a few exits down the highway from your own home and have a million other things to juggle.

We hadn’t heard a peep from anyone over the last 5 days or so.  By anyone I mean our insurance company, the flooring company, the moving company, etc.  Not a word.  We’ve gone back to the house every day to check on things.  Based on footage from our Ring doorbell, the flooring crew was done on Thursday of last week.  We had been given conflicting information on how long we’d be in a hotel:  one week or two.  I figured Monday we’d get a call to go over every thing.

I woke up to an email from the moving company with an inventory list attached of every thing they packed up and moved.  While reading through I came across this snippet:

How do I get my items returned:

Once you have a completion date, contact us to schedule the return of your contents.  We will investigate the status of your claim, as well as contact your insurance adjustor.  A 10 day window will be sufficient.  This is contingent upon workload, and confirmed appointments.

Up to another ten days before we get our belongings?!  Ugh.  DH woke up this afternoon and I made him make some calls.  The flooring company told us that we were scheduled to move back in today (Tuesday), and movers would be there at 10am.  Would have been nice to get this info sooner?!  So flooring guy confirms this information, via phone call, text, AND email.  The third party company in charge of our hotel reservations texts that our new checkout date has been confirmed for 7/23/19.  Fine.

Then at 7pm the flooring guy texts DH and says “the movers had a misunderstanding, they aren’t delivering until Wednesday, the 24th”.  Now we have to extend our hotel stay by one day.  The moving company piled boxes in all the bedrooms, so we can’t even get to our beds right now.  Anyway, we haven’t been able to get in touch with the third party schedulers nor our adjustor.  I’m extremely annoyed by all of this poor communication.

Our floors look wonderful, I love the new stain.  While going through the house today, I found several areas of trim that were damaged during the process.  We sent pictures to the flooring guy, but he didn’t even acknowledge them (though he did respond to messages after that.)  I’d think they’d repair my trim?  I mean these aren’t little nicks or scratched paint, it’s big gouges and chunks of missing wood, and there are several of them on our moldings and columns.


DH is picked up some trim paint and a brush for me last night.  I’m going to scoot my butt around the entire floor and touch up all the dings and scratched off paint and clean the baseboards.  Most of the paint issues are from the previous time we had the floors done, that crew was careless when removing all the quarter round.  They were suppose to come back and touch up, but never did.

We still need to find a contractor for the basement, sigh.  School starts this week, sigh.  I haven’t even started back to school shopping.  My to-do list is overwhelming!  Off I go to try to check some things off today!

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