Refrigerator Drama + Home!

We’re home!  We got to move back in yesterday.  The fumes from the flooring is still a bit heavy, but insurance refused to cover any more hotel time.  So here we are.   I have to tell you the story of the movers delivering our items though!!

Per insurance we were required to use a pack out company.  They send a crew to package and box up all your belongings, load it up, and bring it to their facility to store.  Pack out day was fine, we had a 10 person crew, and it was very methodical.  They took pictures of every thing, tagged big items, labeled boxes, etc.  We also had “stay” boxes – per their discretion, that ended up stacked in our youngest sons bedroom, as well as area rugs.  They also moved our dishwasher and refrigerator, but they stayed in the garage.

Move in day was a bit different.  Only a 3 person crew, non of which were here for the initial pack out day.  They had to reference all the photos to put every thing back where it went.  Almost like staging, it took forever.  Then they were like, okay bye, we’re done!  I had to remind them that our appliances were in the garage.  “Oh do you want us to move them back?”  Uh, yes lol.

This is when things got dicey.  They could not handle our refrigerator!!  It took 45 minutes to get it in the front door.  One step.  ONE STEP!  Then they brought it around to the kitchen and could not figure out how to get it in.

We’ve had this fridge since 2016.  Lowes delivered and installed it easily, no issues.  We’ve had our floors done three times now.  The first two times the fridge was moved in and out with no issues.  That’s five times our fridge has come and gone and it’s never been a problem.

Until yesterday.  They took handles off.  They took our wall oven door off.  Cabinet knobs off.  Eventually all the doors and drawers came off.  TWO HOURS later they got my fridge into the kitchen.  I heard the wood cracking and snapping and they kept pushing instead of lifting.

My new floor is gouged and scratched.  And my kitchen cabinets are broken!!  They damaged two bottom cabinets – broken, not scratches – and scratched three more, deeply.  And my brand new floors, I could have cried.  The guys acknowledged the damage and put us on the spot for a resolution.  Uh, we don’t know.  We’d have to get bids done to have the cabinets redone (cannot be patched or I would.)  And I don’t even know about the floor scratch.  The guy suggested we just paint our cabinets.  Thanks, but no.

Sigh.  I’ve emailed the company to ask how to go about handling damages.  This was my email to them:

Hi there.  This is Blah Blah from Blah Address.  We were wondering who to contact regarding damage to our property during the delivery of our items yesterday, July 24th?  This is regarding claim # 00000.  Our brand new hardwood floor was gouged and scratched, and several bottom kitchen cabinets were broken.  Thanks.  Blah & Blah LastName, Phone Number, Email

Here’s our correspondance thus far:

Company replies:  what’s the name on your job

Us:  Blah & Blah LastName

Company replies:  is there a claim number

Us: Yes, claim # 0000….

Company replies:  what damage is it

Us:  As per our original email, floors and kitchen cabinets, etc – basically repeated ourselves, again.

Company replies:  what happened

Us: Explains fridge difficulty.

Company replies:  was their damage

Us: ………….>!>!>!>!>!  YES

And that’s where we’ve left off.  I can tell this is going to be fun lol.  By the way, those replies are copy/pasted.  No punctuation and bad grammar.

To top it off, the fridge drama was so distracting they left our dishwasher on the back deck and never unpacked the boxes in my sons room.  That’s what today is being spent doing.  I’m also getting our sofa professionally cleaned.  I think I’m more excited about my sofa than the floors!

1 thought on “Refrigerator Drama + Home!

  1. Linda Practical Parsimony

    blankety blank blank. How horrible. Had they ever moved a piece of furniture before? Did they hit the drugs when they thought they were through? I would be so angry and discouraged.



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