So Tired, So Busy!

The moving company that damaged our new floors and kitchen cabinets requested I texted pictures of the damage last Thursday.  I did so.  They were read.  We haven’t heard anything from them since.

Our insurance adjustor is avoiding all communication.  If this guys thinks I’m going to give up and take a loss, he’s in for a hell of a wake up call.  I read the fine print of my coverage, I know what we’re entitled too!

School has started and it’s chaos.  We’re still not fully moved in.  The kids are sharing a room, since our youngest’s is still full of boxes.  I’ve been steadily unpacking each day, but we’ve had several appointments and open houses that have taken up a lot of time recently.

I have noticed quite a few things are MIA.  My new box of trash bags, a LOT of food items from my pantry and fridge, some office supplies.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed they pop up, but we’re running out of boxes to look through.  Also, the flooring company removed several shelves from my pantry and two linen closets, plus door stoppers throughout the main floor.  I have found the shelves, but the hardware to reinstall and all doorstoppers are MIA!  We’ve left a voicemail and sent texts, but have yet to get a response.

We hosted the kids big birthday party this weekend too.  I rented a water slide and paid extra to keep it until Monday at 5pm.  Since cousins were in town, it was worth it for them to play Sat/Sun/Mon.  Well at 3pm on Sunday, while we’re out running errands, they came and picked up the slide!!  Caught it all on video.  The company better refund my $75+tax for extra time.  The kids were so disappointed.

One thing after another.  Still trying to find contractors for the basement repairs.  No one seems to return phone calls anymore.  Not sure how to proceed, and like I mentioned, our adjustor is MIA.

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